Life at 1572: Circus!


We went to the circus this morning. We had a really nice time. I went every year with my dad so I knew I wanted to continue this tradition with Jack. I did have a lump of sadness in my throat thinking about my dad, but it soon gave way to the excitement on Jack's face. He clapped, cheered, and yelled yay throughout most of it. Towards, the end he got sleepy and a little restless. He enjoyed his first cotton candy, and was fascinated with how it melts.


Aunt Janet said...

Nothing like a sugar high from cotton candy! It's really hard to find - the good stuff (fresh). Glad Jack had fun, but it seems the parents get into it just as much.
Pics are good.

talk later.oooxxx

patrick and mandi said...

I was going to reply to your comment about the icees-but it won't let me! I'm glad you found them at Target... do you have a Sam's Club out there? They sell massive ones for not even a dollar-they aren't the icee brand but they taste just the same :)

Your little man is adorable, by the way!

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