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Product Review

I have been wanting to try the Resolve Multi-Fabric cleaner on my sofa for a while now. Our couch is almost 5 years old, and so is most of this dirt. I was concerned it wouldn't work on the type of fabric my sofa is, but after reading the bottle it was safe to use on this type of fabric. Just in case I did a small test spot. The sofa is really disgusting, and I was embarrassed to even have anyone see it. I have tried a number of other cleaners, but none of them seemed to work. I took some before pictures, and that circle at the bottom right is my clean test spot. It does advise that you may want to just clean the entire area so you won't end up with rings.

I went ahead and wiped down the rest of the cushion, and let it dry over night. Here are the after pictures. It did a really good job. There are still a few spots that I need to touch up. It did leave the fabric a little stiff, but after running my hands over it a few times it softened right up. I can't wait to try it on our stroller. The fabric can't be removed, and it is getting really disgusting.

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Aunt janet said...

Looks like it really did a good job- Resolve has been around awhile, though I only have seen it for carpets.

Constant housework, Yuck!! People who are able to have a housekeeper, not merry maids ,are so LUCKY!!!!!

Talk later oooxxx

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