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Thought For Thursday

I apologize to those of you that check in to read this blog. I haven't been in much of a blogging mood lately. I am having a hard time finding the time or the energy. I just started taking a multivitamin so I hope that helps a little.

There is a little thing in the blog world called Thought For Thursday, and bloggers pick a topic that has been on his/her mind to write about. Anyway, I have been thinking about healthy eating. I worry about childhood obesity, and I want Jack to make healthy food choices. I was a skinny kid, but we were always playing outside. Also, almost every meal we had was cooked at home. We hardly ever ate out, and if we did it was a special treat. With everyone being so busy it is so much easier to just stop at that fast food place rather than cook a healthy meal at home. I know this is one thing we need to work on. We out a little too often. We could be healthier and save so much money if we stopped. I am hoping that if we set a good example then being healthy will just come naturally for him.

  • What do you do to help your kids make healthy choices?
  • What do you do for yourself?
  • Do you have any easy ideas for healthy toddler snacks? I am looking for new ideas.
  • Is there anything you have done with your kids that you wish you never started? -We gave Jack pringles for a snack, and now whenever he is hungry he asks for chips. It drives me crazy! Maybe, someday he will ask for an apple.

**edit** he really will eat anything so anything goes for snack ideas


The Swigarts said...

I am always thinking about this myself, looking for good things for Kennedy to eat. She loves diced fruit, applesauce (although some has that high fructose corn syrup, we normally buy the earths best stuff), she likes rice cakes (those little quakes are tasty and they are small). Her favorite item that is not the greatest is chocolate pudding ;)

Michelle Leigh said...

I do my best to make healthy, round meals for my kid and the family. We don't eat out a whole lot, except for Friday night is our pizza night (can't go against tradition). We do a lot of fruit and cheeses for snacks. I try to steer away from chips and such for snack, but sometimes we'll do that for a treat. I think as long as you don't restrict your kids from eating fun stuff too, they won't over indulge when given the opportunity. My hubs was restricted quite a bit as a kid and now really enjoys eating all these treats. I never was told no, but learned quickly that I could have it if I wanted but didn't need to gorge when it was available. Geez, talk about a novel.

Aunt janet said...

Just balance the AMOUNTS of good & bad choices of food.
The one item I wish I never started is soda pop drinks! My kids saw me drink them every morning as " my coffee", so its hard to not let them have any. I can remember when i was growing up a six pack of bottled pop would last a very long time - we drank milk alot instead.Or water!!
I did have my kids on vitamins everyday.
Just be thankful if they don't have any allergies, that's the bummer of life.

Talk later oooxxx

Burgh Baby said...

I let my kid take the lead on the healthy eating choices since she is far better about it than I am. She would happily live on fruits, vegetables, and soy products and really doesn't care for junk food. It rocks.

All berries make great snacks . . . blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.

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