Life at 1572

We decided to go to Hodad's and the beach last night. Of course I had to grab my camera so I could take some pictures and work on a few things. I'm trying to learn more about natural lighting. I love how Jack's hair got all curly in the back as we hit the beach, all that moist air. Zach, tried a little fishing on the pier, but had no luck.


Grandma Rosie said...

Sounds like you have been getting out a lot while Zach is off. So glad and it seems as though Jack is having tons of fun as well.

Hugs and Kisses. Miss all of you very much. Love you all TOO :)

Aunt Janet said...

LOVE the pic of Zach & Jack !!! Each one is smiling great. His curls are getting long, I remember taking video of Austin getting his first barber haircut. He looked so scared. Well Jack has a little more time before he has one.

Talk later
Sam is doing great - very little barking when someone comes in. Lucky stills hasn't picked up that habit, not as much as a watch dog as Sam. Its fun to watch both of them together. They are very entertaining, so I think on this end it is a good thing for all. Keeps some more lively???

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