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Blog Follower

Blogger has a new feature called blog follower. If you are a blogger then it is located on your dashboard. If you don't have blogger then you can read it on the profile page. You can add to the list of blogs you follow. Then you are given the choice to follow publicly or anonymously. If you follow publicly then this allows the blogger to know that you enjoy reading their blog. I added a bunch of blogs to mine, and if you enjoy my blog then add me to yours. Don't be shy!

Edit: Yes, it is like google reader. Blogger said that one of the reasons they created this is to kind of create a communication community for bloggers. I guess by letting you see who reads your blog since some people just lurk, and they don't comment. You can see who reads your blog by customizing your page, and adding the followers gadget. This displays the pictures of everyone that is following you.


Michelle Leigh said...

I'll have to check that out. I've never seen it before! Thanks for letting us know!

Michelle Leigh said...

Oh, this looks like google reader to me. I subscribe to all the blogs I read through google reader. Whenever the blog is updated, it lets me know. Funny that Google has 2 functions like that!

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