Life at 1572: Went to the dr

Went to the dr

I forgot to blog about taking Jack to the doctor last week. He had a runny nose for over a week, and I fibbed and said it was for at least two. That is the only way I can get them to make a sick appointment for him. I also said he has had a bumpy rash which he has, but it comes and goes. Normally, I am not the kind of mom that runs my kid to the doctor at the first sign of illness, but the runny nose stuff was just grossing me out, and he can only go so many days with benadryl to dry the stuff up. The stuff is all over, and he can't blow his nose. Heaven forbid I try to go at him with the nasal aspirator because you would think I was trying to chop something off.

Lucky for us they gave us an appointment. He weighs about 24 lbs. So, he is still a little guy. The doctor kind of hemmed and hawed at what the runny nose thing was about. She mentioned thing like allergies, and teething. Ultimately, telling me to go get some over the counter Zyrtec and give it to him. Since it was a sick appointment we have to take what we can get, and I don't really like this doctor. She is in and out in a flash. She is also the same one way back when that said his gums were swollen, and he'd be getting teeth soon. We didn't see a single tooth for almost a year. She doesn't have my highest confidences. She said the bumpy rash looks like eczema. Great. She said since we have a family history of allergies, and asthma that we have to keep an eye on things because eczema and all that stuff runs together, but she didn't hear any wheezing so that is a good sign. The eczema doesn't seem to bother him at all, and we are just supposed to put lotion on it and a topical cream. Needless to say his skin isn't any better, in fact it has grown bigger, and his nose is still a faucet. We may be going back for a second opinion.


Heather said...

Hope his nose gets better! We are battling that with Ivy right now as well. Its not to fun for little ones. Hope you guys are doing good.

Aunt janet said...

What a shame, Dr's are a big thing.
Can you find another one by calling that firm that searches for dr's in your area?
Sore throats are going around but not strep, school is in!

It's great when they can conquer blowing the nose, usually have to chase them down to do it. So many big things to learn at this age.

Get well out there!!!

The Swigarts said...

I hope he feels better soon. I have dealt with eczema all my life and if you can get it under control it is no big deal, but do make sure you find the right doctor. The first one I saw about the eczema thought I had warts (WRONG!!) on my hands and prescribed the topical stuff to burn them off... not fun!!

Burgh Baby said...

I hope it turns out not to be eczema!

I'm pretty sure Alexis had a runny nose all of 2007. It was fantastic!

Michelle Leigh said...

Ahhh, poor little guy. Annika has a mild case of excema and so far she's only had 1-2 outbreaks. It's usually in the winter though when it's dry. Good luck finding an answer!

Britt said...

Try a Nosefrida instead, it is SOO much easier and better when the little ones can't blow their own nose! I love mine and so does my pediatrician, she has used it on her own kids. You can get it at Amazon or on their website nosefrida

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