Life at 1572: Getting Big

Getting Big

We had tortilla soup the other night, and he loved it.

Jack is doing so many things. I wanted to take a minute to blog them while they are on my mind.
He can count to ten. The other day I was trimming his nails, and I started to count his fingers to distract him. I said, "one." and then he continued on his own to ten. I just sat with my mouth hanging open. We've been working more on ABC's than we have numbers. Now, throughout the day I hear him counting softly to himself.
He is very independent. He won't let me feed him, or help him with his eating. He is using his spoon and fork now. He isn't perfect at it, but each day he improves. He has to have his utensils if he sees I am eating with mine. Today, we were walking down the stairs together, and I asked him if he wanted me to carry him down. I usually do because it gets us down faster. He told me no.
I have to watch him closely during bath time because he has taken to swimming in the tub. He is brave enough to get on his tummy and kick his legs. He thinks this is the greatest.


Grandma Rosie said...

OMG he is growing up so fast. I can wait to see the difference in him since May. Love and miss you both.

The Swigarts said...

that is so great, he knows his numbers!! BTW I love the new header!

Aunt Janet said...

Looking at the pics I see why you take his shirt off.He even looks bigger, like he has had a growing spirt. Hope hugs & kisses we can still do - he's not that independent yet, is he? you haven't said what he is going to be for Halloween??


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