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Jack, is going to be Tigger for Halloween. I am not much of a Pooh fan, but Grandma Nancy got him his costume and sent it to us. I can't deny it though he is super cute in it! It is orange, and that is totally his color.

We had a good day today. He went to daycare which we are now calling school. It is just easier to say, and he gets it a little more. He made me a little sunshine picture out of construction paper. His favorite thing to do there is paint. They say he gets it all over, but really loves it. They finally have their outdoor area finished so they have been going outside. Next time I go in I will try to take the camera to get a few "school" pictures.

Whittney, and I washed our cars today. Something I have needed to do for a really long time. We haven't washed the car since we went to Vegas. It was mud coming off the car. We went to the gym, and the third time was the charm. Each time we went up there it was busy. It is a small place that doesn't hold very many people. I've been taking Jack, and he just sits and watches his movies while we are there.

I heard from Zach, and he is doing well. They have Sunday and Mondays off. They are still working nights. They wanted them to work a few days during the week, and then some nights. Zachery, got them talked into just letting them do nights. It seems like it would be much easier to be on one schedule or the other. They had the past few nights off for rain and lightning. He has talked to Jack a little on the phone. Jack, doesn't like to be on the phone very much. We do speakerphone, and he will chat a little.

Jack thanks Grandma Nancy, and Great Grandma for the Halloween cards. He loved the stickers!

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Grandma Rosie said...

Don't forget to put lots of Pics of Tigger on your blog. You are so right. Orange IS HIS COLOR

Hugs and kisses

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