Life at 1572
Jack, eating his first candy cane

It is getting so cold here.  Jack, experience his first snow a few days ago, but not much of it stuck to the ground.  It was mostly a heavy wet snow.  I can't wait until we really get something good so we can make a snowman, and hopefully go sledding.  We've been just hanging out, and spending time with family.  I'm getting ready to ship Zach's Christmas presents. I am hoping to get them out tomorrow.  He is doing well.  For a while there they weren't even working.  When I talked to him he said they were working on a lounge for everyone to hang out in I guess.  Things like that make me feel like they are just wasting their time over there, and he could be home with me.  He's busy now though doing all the stuff he does.

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Aunt janet said...

Glad to hear Zach is fine, when it snows it does remind me of Zach. He loves it when that awful stuff is here,blah!

The year is almost gone,WOW where has the time gone. It will be fun this year with 2 more little ones here.


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