Life at 1572: A New Year

A New Year







Well, 2009 is here! We didn't do very much to ring it in. I had a couple of drinks to celebrate, and to relax! It had been an interesting day. Other than that my mom, my aunt, and I watched the usual New Years tv stuff, and toasted at midnight.

I had wanted to post some pictures of Jack throughout 2008 before today, but I'm just now getting the chance. He has grown so much this past year. He has gone from not talking to saying small sentences. He has learned to run, play on the playground equipment, feed himself with a fork and spoon, drink from a cup, and so many more things. He has grown from my little baby to my little boy.


The Swigarts said...

He has changed so much over the last year, I can hardly believe it has been that long since we have seen you guys. Happy new year!!

Michelle Leigh said...

Great pictures! They change so fast! I love the December one!

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