Life at 1572

We are trying to rest from all the crazy holiday stuff. No, big plans for New Years. I am sure I will stay up, but I am up that late every night so no big deal. It does make me happier to think I am closer to having Zach home with us. Do you have any big plans or new year resolutions? I want to become debt free this year, and finish getting all the little things we need for our house. I'd like to have more date nights with Zach even if it means we have to find a sitter. Zach, said he doesn't have resolutions, but he does have a plan. Don't worry I will spare you the details. Haha!

Jack's terrible twos are really starting to show. He doesn't listen at all. Looks right at me and goes about doing what he likes. We are working on it. We are also working on the potty training. He goes just fine, but still won't tell me when he has to go. I'm not in a rush though. We have had a great time visiting with family. Makes me wish we lived a little closer at least for Jack.

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