Life at 1572: Birthday Pics

Birthday Pics





The day of Zach's birthday Jack and I hadn't really talked about it being Daddy's birthday very much.  I had mentioned it to him the night before, but that was about it.  While my mom was putting Jack's shoes on he said, "birfday cake for Daddy."  That made my heart melt so of course we had to get some cake so Jack could celebrate.  So sweet, but I also know he'd find any excuse for some birthday cake.  So, later that evening we had cupcakes while, Jack held his Daddy Doll and we sang.  I think we did it ten times.  He is even in different clothes because we sang early on in the evening, and then he did it again just before he went to bed.  He ate the icing off of two cupcakes so he was on a sugar high.  

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Singell Family said...

Awwww.... How cute is that!

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