Life at 1572: Going Home

Going Home

It is time to start looking for tickets back to San Diego. Something I have been trying to put off for a very long time. I LOVE San Diego, and our home their, but the thought of leaving family here makes my stomach hurt. It feels like I am going to be sick. Of course actually, going home to San Diego means I am that much closer to Zach being home from Iraq. That makes me ecstatic, I can't wait for him to be with us again. I wish though instead of going to San Diego, that he could just move here. I know once he gets home, and we get out there doing our own thing again it won't be so hard.

Right now though I really am enjoying every minute of being with family. I'm trying to not think about how our time together is drawing to a close. This time, Jack has really bonded with everyone in the family. He can say "Grandma,"and finally knows what it means. Some of the most special ladies in his life. I feel for them because right now he really is the center of their lives. Oh, how I wish we lived closer! We are hoping that maybe Zach can pick up recruiter, and that would give us three years of non deployment. It could also me we might even get the chance to move closer to Missouri. We aren't holding our breath though. Many of the people chosen have already done their interviews, something he can't do while in Iraq. It would mean so much to us though because we could have three years to make some more decisions about our family, and about his possible career in the military.

With more and more troops being sent to Afghanistan it looks like that might be the next phase in our lives. So, all I can do is hope and pray, and enjoy everyday that I have here with family.


Singell Family said...

Enjoy the rest of your time with your family! I hope Zach can do the recruiter thing, that would be great for you guys! I will keep my finger crossed too!

Aunt Janet said...

All I can say is "Where's the kleenex?"


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