Life at 1572: Thank You

Thank You

I just want to thank all of you that keep coming back to read this blog.  Although, sometimes I'm not sure why.  Haha!  I know some of you click on and silently curse me because I haven't updated anything for a long time.  I wish I could get to the computer a little more often.  It is killing me not to be able to blog.  I get so many ideas, and I try to remember them all, but ultimately forget everything.  Lately, I have been doing many posts at once, and then scheduling their post times.  I think I foresee a laptop in our future for any further deployments.  As always please feel free to leave comments.  It is easy, and I love to read them!

1 comment:

Singell Family said...

Lol, you read minds! Just kidding! Im glad you have been able to post more, I love seeing pictures of Mr. Jack!

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