Life at 1572: Nap Time Artist

Nap Time Artist

I put Jack down for his nap today,  and had a surprise when he got up.  He had only been down for about half an hour when he came running out of his room rubbing his bright red hands together. I instantly knew that was his finger paints.  He had found them and created a masterpiece somewhere.  I ran back to his room, and his bed was covered in red finger paint.  It looked like a bloody massacre on his bed.  I had just put fresh bedding on his bed for his nap.  I pulled him into his room to see what he would say.

Me: "What did you do?"
Jack: "My bed."
Me:  "What did you do?"
Jack: "I painted."

Bright red finger paints all over his bedding.


It takes everything in me not to laugh at him.  Even when he does something horrible he is too cute.  He had some time out, got cleaned up, and I sent him back to his nap.  He wasn't very happy with me.  I can't imagine what he was thinking.  Probably, that he was making something pretty for mommy.  I was just thankful that it was only one blanket, and that made for easy clean up! 

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Singell Family said...

Oh no, isnt having toddlers so much fun!!!

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