Life at 1572: A Warm Day In Winter

A Warm Day In Winter


Yesterday, I really felt like the mom of a little boy.  Jack, and I went outside because it was 60 degrees outside.  Simply gorgeous.  I love to get him out when I can to burn off all the extra energy.  He decided to bring his fire truck, and two of his other trucks.  He is just now getting into his trucks and trains.  For the first time in his life he got down on the ground rolled, crawled, and pushed those cars all through the grass and leaves.  Yesterday, he was all boy getting filthy, and having a blast.




He was busying running the length of the yard over and over again.  Then we took turns kicking a ball back and forth.  I was very impressed with his kicking skills.  Although, it isn't my favorite sport we might have a little soccer start down the road.  Then he found a patch of dirt next to the patio, and he sat down to dig around in it.  He emptied and filled the backs of his trucks a hundred times.  It felt peaceful to sit with him, and play in the dirt.  This went on for a long time until I had to finally force him into the house.  

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