Life at 1572: Getting Big

Getting Big



My little Jack, is definitely a two year old.  Everyday, he amazes me more and more.  He seems to learn something new all the time.  He is enjoying the word no, and uses it pretty often.  He has started to throw fits, but knock on wood right now he just does a silly looking dance when he's angry.  He hates to nap or go down for the night, but when I can finally get him there he sleeps like an angel.  He really enjoys cooking.  He always runs to get his stool to help out when it is time to prepare the meals.  He is talking more and more.  New words all the time and 4 word sentences or more.  Although, it is hard having Zach in Iraq away from us, I have really cherished the time we have been able to spend with family.  Jack, has been able to form bonds, and has learned so many new things from his environment.  

Some of his favorite thins are:

Thomas Trains
His Tent
Watching his Movies
His B (blankie)
His Moss (pacifier, yes I know!  Not sure when we are giving that thing up)
Taking a bath (he could be in there for hours)

Things we are working on:

Listening skills (sometimes I chalk this up to being a boy)
Staying in bed (he gets up sometimes 6 times within the first hour of going down)
A good balance of snacks and still eating well at meals
Learning his colors (he can point them all out, but can't tell you the name of a color if you ask him what color something is)
Learning his shapes
Basic chores like cleaning up his toys at the end of the day

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Michelle Leigh said...

He's such a cutie Amy. He sounds so much like Bianca. Those darn 2 year olds! They learn so quickly, it's just amazing! Any news on when Zach is coming home?

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