Life at 1572: The end is near

The end is near

I have heard from my key volunteer, and the end is near. Zach, should be home sometime next month. I know the actual date give or take a few days. For security reasons I can't post about it on the internet. We are excited! This deployment has felt so different than the other two. It has felt much longer, even though it is the same amount of time. It has also been one of the most relaxing times I have had at home with my family in Missouri. For this I feel very blessed. Please keep in your prayers that we have a safe return and homecoming.


Aunt janet said...

What exactly do you do about telling Jack about the trip back home? Do you think he really understands your house is still there for you guys!
Glad you stretched it out so when you get home Zach will be there shortly after, that will be so much better for Jack's adjustment.
And I guess your adjustment too!!


Singell Family said...

I am excited for you guys!

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