Life at 1572: Birthday Fun

Birthday Fun

Another birthday has come and gone. I am officially 24 now. This one really didn't have much meaning for me. Just another number. I did have a great day. Flowers and gifts from my mom. A card Jack made for me. First thing in the morning he broke a necklace, and had a severe time-out. This put him in a bad mood, and from then on he refused to acknowledge that it was my birthday. We couldn't convince him, and he wouldn't say anything, or sing to me. It wasn't until it was almost bedtime that my mom realized we needed cake and candles. That is what Jack thinks birthdays are all about. If you say birthday the first thing he mentions is cake. We weren't doing cake until the next day. My mom improvised and shoved a candle into a hostess cake. Jack, finally told me happy birthday. He even sang to me. I hope one day I can get him singing on video. Oh my is it horrible, and so funny!

The next day we had another cousin sleep over. We had ice cream cake for my birthday, and the kids played. I put them to bed together in the big bed, and then spied on them for the next hour. They chatted with animated gestures. A sweet two year old conversation. I can only imagine what they were talking about. We had a great night.

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