Life at 1572: Easter


We had our Easter early here for, Jack. Friday night we dyed some eggs. Something we have done since Jack was born. This year was so different. We would pull the eggs out of the dye and he would exclaim, "Ooooo so pretty!" He shouted out all the colors. We had fun practicing his colors, and drawing on all of the eggs. He had a hard time understanding that the Easter bunny was coming. He got out of bed a few times asking questions about the bunny, and about the presents he would be bringing. He hunted eggs twice the next morning. He loved it! I enjoyed it too. I have fond memories of childhood egg hunts.



Singell Family said...

Looks like he had a great Easter! Have a good flight tomorrow!

Aunt Janet said...

He was soooo cute looking for the eggs, had to be coaxed a few times to keep looking. Everytime he found an egg (which by the way were REAL hard boiled) he dropped it in the bucket, we could hear the crack, we all just gringed! Then he also tipped the bucket while picking up an egg & some would fall out of his bucket so he thought he found more. It was funny! Yes we had a lot a fun Easter egg hunts when Amy was little with my kids!
We had PURE enjoyment from him, he is such a good little guy.Six months was a great visit, but it sure hurts to see them leave & today is that day!
Thoughts of a safe trip back home,
good-bye Amy & Jack.


Debra Gilbert said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday for you two. I heard about the afghan and saw the picture of the wash cloth you made Amy. Way to go!! Your mom tells me you can read patterns too - I'm so proud. It's such a wonderful hobby, I have enjoyed it for many years. Can't wait to hear that Zack has returned home safe and sound too! Love you both. Aunt Debbie

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