Life at 1572: Having some tech issues

Having some tech issues

We are home. I really want to save the getting home stories etc. for a time when I have more time to blog, and I can actually put up pictures. I am having trouble with my internet. It has been on and off several times a day, and a few days ago it finally stopped. So, right now I am using Whitt's computer to post this. The tech guy won't be out until Monday despite my desperate calls to try to get someone out here sooner. So much time without the internet while I was in Missouri, and now another week here in Ca. I guess I was meant to be because I need to have some time to get the house in order. I need to clean out our closets along with a million other things. The six boxes I shipped showed up at the door today so now I have to try to find a place for all of that stuff. I'm just looking forward to having it all finished. Less than two weeks and Zach will be home. I have a running list of things to do. So, as soon as my internet is fixed I will catch up on the blogging.


Aunt Janet said...

You haven't mentioned your taxes --- Guess you got them done on time, little late too ask !!
Misss both of you

Grandma Rosie said...

I have checked every day to see what you have blogged and missed it. Look forward to hearing some wonderful things. Have fun unpacking. Love you both so much. (you too Bub) :)

Grandma Rosie

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