Life at 1572: The Flower Fields

The Flower Fields

Flower Fields

I am doing some back blogging. Before the guys returned home Whittney and I went to the Flower Fields a little north of here. This is something I have wanted to do for a few seasons now, but always seem to miss it. Huge fields filled with Ranunculus flowers. They also have a very beautiful flower garden. The fields are right near the outlets so we decided to make a day of it shopping and flowers. The fields were very beautiful. They put me in the best mood for the rest of the day. We took a wagon ride to the top of the hill, and from the top you got a view of the ocean. We really enjoyed ourselves. Jack, loved being outside running around like a crazy kid. He ended up sleeping during the rest of our shopping trip. I even got a house plant at the nursery. Let’s cross our fingers that I can keep it alive. So far so good!

Flower Fields
Flower Fields
Follow the yellow brick road.
Flower Fields
He refuses to look at the camera.


Singell Family said...

That looks like it would be a fun trip! Jack has gotten soooo big! Can you believe our kids will be three at the end of this year!

Aunt Janet said...

Yes those flowers do look beautiful, as though we can smell them!
Don't tell us Jack is just now getting camera shy or a little more independent??


Lisa said...

What a cool place!!! georgeous flowers!

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