Life at 1572: Something tells me it won't be as fun when he's a teenager

Something tells me it won't be as fun when he's a teenager

We were at the store the other day in the outdoor play aisle, and I spotted a bubble mower. I had to get it for Jack. He is very into bubbles right now. I have wanted to have a bubble mower since I knew I was having a boy. I was so jealous of my cousins bubble mower when I was little. I know silly! Of course they make them in pink now! It makes a whirring sound when you push it so I thought he might be scared of it. He went right up to it and started playing with it.

Bubble Mower

An update our neighbor has moved. Oh, how I wished they would be gone when I got back from Missouri. Is that horrible? I just couldn’t imagine living any longer next to them. They made things so difficult, and spied on our every move. This might make me a bad person, but I couldn’t get over the issues we had with them, and we were forced to get rid of our dog.
When I got back from Missouri she saw us and was all, “Oh hiiiii! Jack you are so big now.” I just walked right past her. I decided that my motto was going to be they don’t exist. I’m not letting her get to me, or ruin my day.
Well, apparently this got to her because whenever I was outside with Jack, or friends she’d run and slam her doors. She made several rude comments to me. I just held my tongue like she wasn’t even there, and now she isn’t! This may be dumb but Zach and I really feel like a cloud has been lifted. We don’t dread walking out our front door. We have been taking advantage of the peace, and sitting outside with Jack for a couple of hours in the evening while he plays.


Singell Family said...

I dont think it is bad to think that. With all the trouble you guys had with her, Im sure its a huge relief! Jack is cute with his bubble mower!!!

Grandma Rosie said...

You are not a bad person you were just put in a bad situation and you delt with it the best you could. Too bad this couldn't have happened last year so Sam wouldn't have to have been sent off. He is HAPPY though with your Grandma.

Bubbles? He is probably in hog heaven as I remember how he and Dee were in your Grandma's back yard while you were here.

Hope you had a GREAT Mamma's day.

Love and miss you all.


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