Life at 1572: Haircut


Funny that you should say his hair looks long on the top because we actually got his haircut on Saturday afternoon. It was getting very messy, and hard to maintain. So we stopped in to see if Zach’s hair lady was available to give Jack a cut. Jack, and Zachery go together to get Zach’s haircut every weekend. Barbara always gives Jack a sucker while he waits. He wasn’t very happy about the cut. He started to cry when he sat in the chair, but then just turned it into a pout. He held Zach’s hand for support. She just gave him a trim and a little boy haircut. It looks so much better. He still wakes up with some wild hair, and I hadn’t brushed it when we went out to play in the pool. It looks much nicer though when it is combed. Sorry, the pics are bit blurry. I was using our point and shoot, and I also didn't realize the lens had a nice Jack smudge on it.
May 16
May 16
A little scared
May 16
Almost finished
May 16


Singell Family said...

He looks very handsome!

Grandma Rosie said...

IDK, Grandma Rosie kind of likes the curly top look. LOL


Aunt Janet said...

How cute, I like his scared face,& daddy holding his hand! And it sure looks REDDER in these pics, must be that CA sun!


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