Life at 1572: Our Lazy Weekend

Our Lazy Weekend

We had a nice weekend. It wasn’t every eventful, but that made it pretty relaxing. Friday night we had our second game night with friends. I’m not really into board games, but we have been looking for things to do on the weekends. Last Friday it was Monopoly (thanks Lisa and Nate), and this Friday it was Jenga and Yatzee.

Yesterday we were lazy all morning, and then decided to take a drive to Sonic with some friends. I found a Sonic Drive In that is closer than driving all the way to Disneyland for their food. This one is south only 20 minutes away so we decided to give it a whirl. We finally found the Sonic, and it appeared to have construction around it they had people in reflective vests waving you where to go. We started to turn into the parking lot, and the vest guy stopped us pointing that the line is over there, and by the way it is an hour wait. An hour for sonic?! I don’t think so! It must be new, and everyone must have heard about it. We will try again some other time.
Swimming May 2009
Thanks Grandma Nancy for the trunks. They are super cute!
Swimming May 2009
Swimming May 2009

Sunday we just spent the day relaxing. We thought about going to a museum, or maybe doing some biking, but we decided it was a nice day just to hang outside. It got hot so we broke out the kiddie pool for Jack. I let it warm in the sun while he napped. While I was getting his trunks on he kept saying, “I’m going to the beach.” Yep, buddy the beach is in our front yard. This little boy loves the beach. He is now at the point that he now recognizes the bridges that we go under as we drive to the beach. He gets very excited about it. I planted my tomato and yellow pepper plants while Jack played in the water. I am attempting to grow something this year. I’ve tried for the past two years I think, and I have never produced a thing. Last year the tomatoes would just stay green and rot. I moved them to the front of the house this year so here is hoping.
Thanks, to those of you that came out of hiding and posted a comment. See was that so hard? Keep it up we love to read them!


Singell Family said...

Love the pics of Jack! I love lazy weekends, we had one ourselves!

Grandma Rosie said...

Love the B&W pic of Jack. You really need to post more of your pictures. You get some of the best shots!!!! They are beautiful. So glad to hear you are enjoying family time together. All 3 of you deserve it.

Miss you all so very much.


Aunt janet said...

I was kinda in shock too for the ones who finally posted!! Some don't have access to a computer but those who do & don't talk, not good. Amy gets little REMINDERS for not posting often enough, Its like a phone call or texting & I know people are into the texting thing.

I haven't used my garden space forever & my neighbor behind me, asked if he could plant tomatoes in it, so he tilled it & planted & now I will have some tomatoes this year. Pics are good, Jack already looks sooo much bigger, & his hair looks very long on top.
Whats the progress report on your 30 day shred????


Aunt janet said...

Looking thru your flickr pics & enlarging them, I see Jack in the pool with his sunglasses on his head like daddy wears his. How cute, they copy alot from whats around them.
Also I like your tomato plant, good luck!

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