Life at 1572: Little Man

Little Man

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Zach got several days off work. We went on a bunch of shopping trips. We went on some family bike rides. We got Jack his first fishing pole, and went fishing at the pond. He told us he caught baby and mama pishies as he likes to call them. Mostly he just ran around the dock until Zach told him to reel in his fish. Whittney and I threw together a last minute BBQ for Memorial Day. We spread out in the front of the house, and grilled yummy food. It was great being outside just relaxing and enjoying food and drinks.

May 26
May 26
May 25
May 25

Jack, is as crazy and silly as ever. He is busy everyday going from one thing to the next. He talks and talks, and talks some more. I love hearing all the funny things he has to say, and helping him learn new words. He has been saying some really funny stuff lately. I need to write some of them down so I can remember them. He narrates everything he does, everything we do, and everywhere we go. We have a running commentary. About the only time he is quiet is early in the morning, or when he’s watching one of his movies. I am trying to work on some basic pre preschool skills with him. He has his colors down. Sometimes he confuses blue and yellow. He can count to twelve now. He sings A-G of the alphabet, and then skips to the wxyz part. That is mainly what we are working on, learning to recognize letters, and sing the alphabet. He knows all of his shapes, but he calls a circle a moon. I have a shapes application on my iphone that displays different shapes and tells you to touch the heart, touch the circle, etc. You get a sticker after getting so many in a row right. He loves playing that game. We haven’t made much progress on potty training, but I think it is something that will come in his time. We take him to the potty, and he goes, but he doesn’t tell us when he has to go. He’s also still wetting during naps. They say a good sign of readiness is staying dry at naps. He just seems to be a lazy boy when it comes to potty training. I know it will come in due time. I doubt I’ll be sending him to college in pull-ups! He’s still afraid of everything. You have to talk him into every situation and anything new. Still carries his B (blanket) everywhere he goes. He looks like Linus from Peanuts, but I don’t mind. Every day I cuddle him on my lap and ask him to please stay two and little forever. I enjoy every minute of him being my little boy.

I had a cold the past few days. Don't try to bake cookies while strung out on NightQuil. I preheated my oven, and then stuck in a baking sheet with chocolate chip cookies on it. Zach and I wanted a few fresh cookies for a snack before bed. I set my timer for 9 minutes. During the nine minutes I thought to myself something sure is burning in the oven. Never going over to actually look inside the thing. I assumed something that had fallen from previous cooking and was burning. After my nine minutes I pulled them out shouting, "They are burned!" They had a pretty good char going on the outside. I stood there trying to figure out why the heck they had burned, and looked down and noticed the oven set to 475 instead of 375. Zach said he noticed it, but didn't say anything. Thanks, babe! So, don't try to bake while drugged out on the cold meds. We even ate them anyway. Black on the outside, and mushy not really done on the inside. Yummy.


Grandma Rosie said...

So glad to hear things are going good. Spring time colds are the worst and being a mom and sick, well, need I say more????

Sounds like you are getting lots of "family/quality" time in. HAPPY to hear that. Treasure it, they grow up so quick!! Thanks for the pics. We really need to get some with you in them. Teach Bub how to use the camera. LOL

xoxoxox Love and Miss you all.

Aunt Janet said...

Yes write those funny things down because I only remember a few of each of my kids sayings, not very many & then you think one said it & find out it was the other one!

Pics are good, Jack looks as cute as ever,just want to squeeze the pic!Please try to set your camera on something & a timer to get all of you, might have to do it a few times, just in case you cut off someone's head in the pic. We do want to see all of you in a couple.
Does Jack like the bikes now??

Have fun!

Singell Family said...

Love the pic of Jack eating the lime! So cute!!!

Ronda said...

Amy, I just love checking your blog and seeing new pics of your little man. I don't know what kind of camera you have but it takes awesome pictures.

You have a great looking family, but would love to see you in a few pics! LOL

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