Life at 1572: A few pictures

A few pictures

I am trying to blog more often, but it is hard to find a minute in the day to do so. This morning Jack asked to go outside, and I told him we would only if he let me take pictures of him, and he had to actually look at the camera. He was still a pain in the booty while doing it, and I got some funny faces out of him. After our two minutes of pictures he went outside to play in the sandbox. He didn’t stay out there very long, and I had to tell him 20 times to leave the sand inside the sandbox. He likes to play in it, but doesn’t like to stay out there very long.

I’m busy trying to tackle the mountain of laundry that has accumulated. If I could pay someone to come wash, dry, and put away my clothes I totally would. I’m getting ready for LeighAnn and Kennedy’s visit. They are coming this Saturday. We are very excited to see them! Pete won’t be with them because he is deployed. We haven’t seen them since they got moved to North Carolina. We are going to spend three days up at Disneyland, and we are actually staying in the resort this time. We also plan on making a trip to the zoo, sea world, and whatever else we can fit in. It should be a very busy time! I’m excited for Jack to have a little friend for a few days. We are pretty tired around here. Zach has to go to Pendleton all this week, and I have to take him to catch the bus at 3 in the morning. Man is that early! Our schedule is a bit off, and I am tired all day!

June 1
June 1
June 1
June 1


Singell Family said...

Hope you guys have fun at Disneyland and all the other places you go! Cant wait to see pictures!!

Grandma Rosie said...

How exciting!!! Jack and Kennedy should have fun together and staying at the Resort, wow, that should be so neat. Pictures are great too. He actually looked at the camera, a little. That one I have to put on my phone.

Hope to hear wonderful stories from your adventure.


Love you all

Aunt janet said...

What's with his do?? Some reason it has a little curl in it. Looking cute & wondering what he was saying in the one with his mouth open! That's one I like.
Sounds like a VERY FULL weekend,
are they staying for awhile?


Brooke said...

Wow, sounds like you have a busy and exciting time ahead of you. I hope you guys have a wonderful time and look foward to the pics you will post. Tell Jack I would love to see a pic of him touching some sort of creature at sea world.

Luv ya

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