Life at 1572: 2 1/2

2 1/2

The little man of the house, he’s getting so big, and I love every minute of it. Although, we do have our trying times together. He is still very much a goof ball, odd ball kind of kid. He is busy all the time, and keeps us on our toes. I’ll do a little run down just for memories sake.

He has been going to school more often, this is what we call drop in day care. He has been going a few times a week. We have to talk about it the night before just so he’s prepared for the morning. The talks seem to help because we’ve been saying goodbye without a meltdown. My favorite thing to do is quiz him on what he did at school after I pick him up. His answers are funny.

Me: “What did you do at school today?”
Jack: “Played with kids”
Me: “What else did you do?”
Jack: “Threw the ball at kids.” “Went outside, slides.”

He knows all of his colors, he can count to twelve, and he knows all of his shapes. I joke that you know your kid knows his shapes when he says, “Draw a hexagon Mama,” while we were doing some coloring. We are working on the ABC’s. He knows them, but is just now starting to want to sing along. We’ve been doing silly songs lately. He loves to sing ones with motions to them like wheels on the bus.

He is getting pickier about his eating habits. Some days certain things are his favorite, and he might hate the same thing later that week. I have to watch his snacks, and calorie filling drinks like chocolate milk. He eats much better at dinner when we have a certain cut off for these things. It is hard to deal with his whining, begging for snacks while I cook dinner because he’s getting hungry, but by the time we sit down to eat together he eats like a champ. Most of the time.

He has several interesting sayings. One day he held up his drink and said, “Say Cheers!” Zach and I just looked at each other, and tried not to laugh. I think he’s picked this up from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Now, he wants to do cheers with everything. He loves to say, “My do it myself.” He is very independent; he wants to try everything himself. He loves to use the word, too. Everything is too, “Mama has legs, too.” “Daddy read books too.” Another funny that stuck out to me was when we were going over the shapes on his placemat. I pointed at the rectangle, and asked him what shape it is, and he told me it is the shape of the tv. At least he is right about that.

He still gets up every morning, and has to drink his chocolate milk while watching Thomas. He can’t start his day without it. One of my favorite times of the day is his bedtime. The three of us lay on Jack’s bed, and take turns reading books. We measured him right before bed tonight, and he’s 37 inches even, and as skinny as ever.
Something he started doing that kind of floored me was he can completely work his portable DVD player by himself. He can’t put the movies in it, but he knows how to turn it on, navigate the menu, and play the movie. He can even pause it when he stops to play. He loves to watch movies.

La Jolla

He is my crazy little boy. It is hard to believe he is already 2.5 years old.

La Jolla

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Singell Family said...

He is just the cutest little guy ever! I think he looks like you in the first picture!

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