Life at 1572: Little baseball player

Little baseball player

We had a great day yesterday. Jack went to school in the morning, and I decided to get the grocery shopping done while I was by myself. I’ve started using coupons again, and I saved a bunch of money. Love that! After I got Jack from school Whittney and I ran errands to Target and Wal-Mart, and I was in a shopping mood. Not good. I didn’t end up doing too much damage, and Jack ended up receiving most of the benefits from my shopping urge. I picked him up a tee ball set. On one of the blogs I read the mom had posted a video of her son playing with one of those big plastic bats, and his dad was pitching him ball after ball. He hit nearly every one of them, and I think he’s just turned two. I figured if he could do it so could Jack. I hadn’t realized he was at the age that he might be able to do something like that. Zach and I have been waiting eagerly for the time when Jack can finally play baseball if he wants to.

June 30

Anyway, I picked up the Tee Ball set, and waited for Zach to get home from work. We set it up in the front yard, and watched him go. It was clear that he had no idea what he was doing, and needed a little direction. He didn’t want to stand still and swing the bat; he would run up to it and swing really close to the ball. Zach helped him out holding his waist so he’d stand still and swing. Jack just leaned his body as far as he could to try to get closer to the tee. He was doing great. He even hit a couple that Zach just pitched to him. Zach would say, “Aaaanndd swing!” so Jack would know when to swing when he pitched it to him. So whenever Jack would hit the ball off the tee he started to say, “Aaaanndd swing!” We kept the lesson short, and just let him play around. He loved setting it up, and hitting the balls over and over again.

June 30
June 30

At Target I got him the new Leap Frog Junior Book Pal. This thing is awesome. It is recommended for kids 2-4 years of age, but I think it would work for kids even a bit older. It is meant to encourage the love of reading. The book pal is a little knob thing that the child holds and then touches to the words in the book. It then reads the words to you. The neat thing is you can also touch anywhere in the book, and you will get some sort of response. Like you touch the elephant and it makes the sound of an elephant. Everything does several different responses. The neat thing is all of the books are board books so you don’t have to worry about pages ripping. The system comes with a book, and I got Jack an ABC book because that’s what we are working on next. You can even personalize the Book Pal to say your child’s name. Jack loves it, and I can’t wait to see what new books they come out with. It is on sale at Target this week until Saturday.

Junior Book Pal

Also, I got into that photography workshop I was trying for. I am all registered. The course doesn’t start until September. I can’t wait! I am so excited that I actually got in.


kalyn said...

cute pictures
jack is getting so big.
and congrats onto getting into that photography workshop.

miss all of you.

Singell Family said...

Oh Im so glad you got into the photography class! I bet you are super excited! That book looks pretty neat, I will have to look into that. Do you think it would be good for teaching to read? Thats where we are at with Constance right now.

Aunt janet said...

Hard thinker -- the tongue!
Cute pic, hope he is a ball player, you know how fun those games are. That's when video taking is a must!!


Aunt Janet said...

Happy 5th Anniversary Zach & Amy!!
Got any plans?

Also "Happy Birthday Brooke" if you read this!!

Give Jack a squeeze & kisses.


Grandma Rosie said...

Oh the little man he is growing up to be. TOO FAST!!!!!!!

Hope he can throw like his daddy did. Could be a GREAT PITCHER.

Hugs to all of you.


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