Life at 1572: An adventure in canning

An adventure in canning

The other night I made Zach some organic peach preserves. He loves homemade peach preserves, and hasn’t had them for a long time. I had always thought making preserves or canning was kind of a big deal, and kind of difficult. I came across a recipe from all recipes and was pretty shocked at how easy it looked. We got a deal on some organic peaches from our local farmer’s market, and I gathered up all of my supplies. I ended up starting the process at 8:30 at night when Jack went to bed because I thought my fruit might be too soft if it went another night. It was pretty fun to do. I won’t say it was easy, and I didn’t finish the process until 1:00 am.

Seems to be one of those things that you get better at the more you do it. I was a little nervous because the recipe I picked had many reviewers saying theirs didn’t turn out, or it came out runny. One reviewer even said, “Not for the first time canner.” I said I would give it a shot, and he had to eat it no matter how it came out, haha! I’m excited to say it came out perfectly. It is a great consistency, and tastes really yummy! It is a little chunkier than I would like it, but that’s how Zach likes his preserves. He even told me I’m the best wife ever. Thank you very much, I’ll take it! It made nine jars so I think we are set for a while. I’m excited to try out some new jam recipes.

All chopped up
After cooking for 20 minutes


Singell Family said...

Thats awsome Amy! I might have to try that sometime, but maybe after we move. Have a great weekend!

Grandma Rosie said...

Oh how GREAT!! Now you need to try your hand at Apple Butter so when Grandma & Grandpa quit making it, you can pick up and do it for all of us. LOLOL

It looks great. Hey, Where's the Friday Fives?

Love you all


Brooke said...

Glad it turned out. I had my first experience earlier last year trying to make some of Matt's Mom's famous zuchini relish. It turned out pretty good, at least he eats it. I think it would be awesome to learn how to do all that stuff.
Have a great weekend "best wife ever" and tell Zach and Jack I said hi. :)

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