Life at 1572: New Routine/Friday Five

New Routine/Friday Five

We have had an interesting week. I changed Jack’s routine around, and we started it Monday. I wanted to add a little more structure. A few more planned activities and a little less movie/tv time. I researched some preschool activities for two year olds. Gathered up some craft supplies, and bought some play-doh. The first day was horrible. He spent the day crying begging to watch word world, and I spend the day pretty infuriated and ready to throw in the towel. It has gotten better as the week has gone by.

We played with play-doh for hours yesterday. Literally for hours, and let me tell you your day drags on when you do that. Unfortunately he is at that age where his imagination isn’t developed enough to make up his own little world and play by himself for a while. He still has to be entertained. I know he will love the art and craft stuff. That is some of his favorite things to do. We’ve been working with his building blocks, and working on puzzles. He just isn’t one for play. Even outside he just stands around unsure of what to do, until you give him some sort of direction. So I’m hoping to expand his imagination, and hopefully teach him a few things in the process.

Here are some of Jack's projects he does at school. I know I won't be able to keep everything he does so I decided to take pictures of it for our memories.

Friday Five
1. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
2. When was the last movie you saw at the theatre?
3. What do you get at the concession stand at the movies?
4. Why do the movies cost so much?!
5. Where do you prefer to watch your movies?


The Whitsitt Family said...

1. I love Johnny Depp. He doesn't seem to make a bad movie. I really like Rachel McAdams, and Reese Witherspoon.

2. On Monday Zach and I went to see the Harry Potter movie. Neither of us liked it very much, and we enjoyed all the others.

3. We always used to get popcorn, but lately it has been tasteless and costs so much that I can enjoy popcorn much cheaper at home. So we've been getting Nachos and a soda.

4. I wish I only knew why the movies cost so damn much! You can't even go to a matinee movie here for less than $8.50, and the regular tickets I think are $11.50. Just too expensive! We have a theater on base and it only costs a dollar. We go there sometimes.

5. I enjoy movies both at home and going to the movies. I enjoy the getting out feeling of going to see a movie.

Grandma Rosie said...

OH Yes, I really like this. :)

1. Love John Wayne. Always have, always will. Current??? Not really sure

2. July 2nd. Went to see Proposal with Sandra Bullock.

3. Nothing, it's too expensive. Try to go to dinner before.

4. Actually, we only paid $5 per person so I didn't think that was too bad

5. Prefer to wait til they are out on dvd that way you can stop when you have to take a potty break.

Have a great weekend.

love you all


Grandma Rosie

Singell Family said...

1.Hmmm... I like Johnny Depps movies as well. Also am a big fan of Cuba Gooding Jr., and Robin Williams!

2. Went to see Harry Potter with friend here. We liked it, and it was nice to get out for the evening with out kids :)

3. Not big on popcorn. Usually a soda and sometimes some raisinetts.

4. Your right about the movie thing. They do have a $2 military discount at the one we go to, so that does help a little. But what we dont spend there we make up for in food!

5. I love going to the movies, but that doesnt get to happen too often these days, so we are a big fan of Netflix. Ive had an acct with them since before Constance was even crawling, and we love them!

Brooke said...

1. I don't really have a fovorite.
2. Matt and I saw Public Enenmy over the 4th.
3. Bluerasberry slushee. Sometimes milkduds.
4. I have no clue why they cost so damn much
5. I finally got my 50" with a kick ass surround system downstairs (i've been waiting for years). We love renting and watching at home.

Ronda said...

Okay here goes!
1. Love Meryl Streep, Rachel McAdams and an oldie but goodie, Sean Connery!

2. I was my Sister's Keeper with a friend from work. VERY good movie but also VERY emotional movie. We decided next time to see something more upbeat!

3. Well, to be totally honest, I sneak in M&M's and maybe get a slushy or not! I am such a bad person!

4. Not sure why they are so expensive, especially right now when people are needing an escape from their own realities sometimes! I am also a NETFLIX fan and the library where the movies are FREE!!!

5. Going to the movies is fun and I also like going by myself. Snuggling down in the chair with snacks in hand and getting into someone elses lives is kinda fun! Then the credits roll and you have to go back and be yourself! kinda like a really good book, you can loose yourself in it also.

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