Life at 1572: Friday Five

Friday Five

We have been really busy around here. Trying to do all of the fun summer things. Getting outside more, and doing some swimming. I haven’t been able to find time to blog this week, and now that I am I can’t think of a single thing that I wanted to blog about.

At The Park
Eyeing the kids that showed up at the park. He wasn't very sure of them.

One thing new is Jack has been wearing big boy underwear all week. We started it last Sunday. Zach went to get Jack some new pull ups and instead of the learning designs he got him the cool alert kind. I didn’t realize this or we would have exchanged them. We have had trouble with the cool alert in the past. They seemed to have upgraded them by making them softer and taking out the rough strips that used to be inside them so I thought they might be okay. He wore them on our trip to the mall, and a few hours later Jack was grabbing at his parts screaming that they hurt. So when we got home I had to put underwear on him. I had no plans to do it longer just for the evening. Then I realized he had a week that he wasn’t going to school so I figured we’d give the underwear and potty training a try.

He really still isn’t showing signs that he is ready, and I don’t want to push him, and don’t really mind if he’s not ready. He has done pretty well. He goes potty every time he sits on the potty, and hasn’t had many accidents, but I think that’s because I have to ask him or take him to the potty so often. He won’t tell me when he has to go, and doesn’t seem to mind having an accident in his pants. I’m going to give it a few more days, and if things don’t click for him we will try again later.

Friday Five

1. How many times do you hit the snooze button on a typical morning?
2. How many cousins do you have?
3. How many bones have you broken?
4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
5. How many things that belong in the kitchen are in your bedroom?


The Whitsitt Family said...

1. I normally don't set an alarm I just get up when Jack does, and that is usually 8-8:30. Lately I have been having to set an alarm for 6:25 so I can call Jack's school to get him in. I normally don't hit the snooze for that one.

2. I know I have more that 4, but the 4 on my mom's side are the ones I keep in touch with.

3. I won't answer this question.

4. 5 pairs of shoes that I might possibly wear, and more in the closet that I haven't worn in years probably. The two pairs I wear day in and day out are my brown Reef flip flops, and my black Reef flip flops. They are the most comfy flip flops in the world, and I don't think I'll ever be able to live w/o them.

5. Um, way too many glasses of water. We tend to each take a glass of water to bed, and who knows when they will end up back in the kitchen. Probably when we run out of glasses. That is the dreaded chore, bringing them all downstairs. You'd think we would learn to bring it down in the morning, after we get up, but we like to do things the hard way I think.


Have a fantastic weekend!

Singell Family said...

1. I get up around 7 when the girls wake up. Sooner Im sure once the new little one gets here!

2. Ummm... let me count. I have nine first cousins.

3. Just my toe, and Amy you know all about that one! lol

4. Same as you, 5 that I might possibly wear and more in the closet I will never wear again. You would think I would get rid of them.

5. None right now, just because I just cleaned in there. Normally a few glasses though.

On a side note, we had issues with the cool alert Pull-ups with Ivy as well. They always gave her a bad rash.

Grandma Rosie said...

Glad to hear your enjoying the summer. You 3 deserve it. Oh the things that have changed since Zach was a baby. I have never heard of the cool alert. Sounds painful. Easier to let them do it at their own pace.

1. Normally I hit the snooze twice.
2. Cousins? OMgoodness, too many to count. Met 2 last year I didn't even know.

3. 2

4. without counting.... probably over 20.

5. none but asks Evy. LOL

OK just watched the Evening news. Guess San Diego waters are being invaded by squid. Stay out of the water. LOL

Love and miss you all.


Grandma Rosie

Gina said...

1. I don't. I have in the past and it always gets me in trouble.
2. Oh My Goodness, 30+ I don't know the exact #.
3. Just one, my finger that didn't heal right, because my mom swore it wasn't broken!
4. I have about 5 that I wear mostly, several more in the closet I need to donate!
5. I just picked up in there a few days ago, so maybe just 1 or 2.

instant online cash loans said...

I have a four year old son and he’s still not potty train. Well any way to answer you five questions here it goes

1. It depends; normally three times. wake up snooze, my son’s school snooze, and work snooze.
2. Can’t remember there’s too many of them.
3. I don’t know got to check that out.
4. Ah! Have to count it first hehehe.
5. Gosh I cant really tell but I definitely have a small refrigerator in my bedroom.

Used forklifts said...

I don’t know what to say:

1. 3-4 times
2. I have more than 20 first degree cousins both my mom and dad side.
3. I’m not sure, I thinks 3
4. Hmmm!
5. Water dispenser and lots of water on it.

Ronda said...

1. I don't hit snooze, I just stumble to the bathroom!
2. First cousins on both sides of the family we have 40+. Very fertile families!
3. No broken bones for me!
4. I have 4 pairs that I wear all the time and about 10 in the closet that rarely see the light of day!
5. Nothing. I don't take anything in there. There is a plus side girls to being single!!!! Your house stays cleaner... LOL

Brooke said...

I am th queen of the snooze button. I'v been known to hit that thing 6-7 times. I'm trying to be better though, Matt doesn't appreciate it, i wake up around 4:30-5:30 he doesn't have to wake up til 7:30.
2. 10 or more.
3. 0
4. 3-4 shoes. Reefs are my favorite too. I couldn't wear flip flops before them, now i don't want to take them off.
5. Mostly glasses.

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