Life at 1572: Random Fun/Friday Five

Random Fun/Friday Five


I’ve been trying to take Jack outside a bit more during the day. He isn’t your typical kid that likes to run around and play, he seems to get bored. Jack has had allergies or a cold all week. Just a runny nose that turned into a little cough, but the cough is gone now. He missed earlier this week, and every day since then he has been asking me if he can go to school today.

Due to his not feeling well he has been overly grouchy with the world. To get him out of his mood I have been letting him help me cook more. The other night he helped me make brownies, and then licked the bowl and spoon. He kept saying, “Mommy this is too great!” I’m glad something makes him feel better.


We played outside a few days ago, and he figured out we have a little curb he can jump over. He got busy running and jumping, and I just silently prayed he didn’t fall and break something open. Then he and I sat down to draw with some sidewalk chalk. I told him we were going to write his name so I started saying the letters, J. Then Jack piped in with the letters A,C,K. What the heck? When did you learn to spell your name? He’s got hidden talents. Thinking it was a fluke I asked him to spell his name, and he spelled JACK perfectly. He finally has his ABC song down too. He doesn’t annunciate all the letters, but they are all there. Then I decided to do something I used to do when I was little. I got some paint brushes and some water so we could paint outside. We got busy painting the driveway. This was hours of endless fun for me as a child, and Jack loved it too.
He painted this and said, "Look a hand!"
More pics on the flickr, and I'm trying to upload a little video. We will see if it works.

Random Friday Five
1. What is your favorite sweet treat?
2. What is your favorite store to shop in?
3. What is your favorite thing about Friday?
4. What is your favorite tv show?
5. What are your plans for the weekend?


The Whitsitt Family said...

1.I love ice cream in summer, and I have recently found a love of Mrs Fields ice cream sandwich cookies.

2. I love to run around Walmart and Target. I like the GAP for clothes.

3. Friday means the weekend is here, and if we are lucky the hubs gets off work early. We also have Friday night game night!

4. I love LOST. I haven't missed an episode.

5. No big plans this weekend. Maybe some bike riding. Church on Sunday.

On a side note sometimes blogger cuts off my pictures, and it is really bugging me!

Have a great weekend!!


Grandma Rosie said...

Maybe he will be a chef? I remember he likes to help big time in the kitchen.

1. Favorite but try to avoid cause it is always before bed but ice cream with chocolate syrup and TONS of pecans.

2. Any shoe store.

3. Friday's? Well since I work most Saturdays, not a big deal. Can dress down at work?

4. OMGosh, too many of them. Guess, 24 would have to be my favorite.

5. Working on Saturday. Going to a semi-pro football game in Sugar Creek Sat night with Aimee and Julie. Sunday, if it rains work. If not think I should really do some cleaning at the homestead. Been a few weeks. YIKES!!!!!!!


Love you all.

Aunt janet said...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait intil Eric can see the pics on flickr!
The one with the crack showing, he can relate too.

The paintbrush was a great G-Ma
playtime with all of you guys.
Next don't forget about the bubbles with the a/c blowing them.

Great pics, can't wait to see the video.


Iris Flavia said...

Are those mini-Flip-Flops/Thongs he´s wearing?! How cute is that!!

Uhh, a five!
#1 don´t like sweets, am the salty type
#2 .. online these days
#3 Yips, weekend!
#4 Eureka atm (new season just started here)
#5 ... it´s raining, so... rest´n hug

Gina said...

1. M and M's
2. Don't really have a favorite, like Hobby Lobby/or Any scrapbook store.
3. My favorite thing about Friday is the fact I usually don't have to work a full day if I have my hours in for the week. Last Friday I worked and hour and a half!!!! So had the whole day off basically.
4.Lots/Lost/American Idol/Army Wives/Dancing with the starts/I like them all and can't pick a favorite!!!
5. Hopefully fit in a bike ride this weekend.

Stem cell treatment said...

1. Cakes
2. Hmmm!
3. Night out
4. TMZ
5. Just relax, spend some quality time with my family.

Household Relocation services said...

1. Ice cream!
2. Mall
3. Party with friends
4. Gossip girls
5. go to the beach.

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