Life at 1572: Friday Five

Friday Five

It is the same old stuff around here. We are all loving on Diego. He’s doing really well here, and he’s getting bigger. His little tummy is starting to get fat. He’s a little eater, and he lets you know when he’s hungry. He and Jack are getting along really well, and they’ve even adjusted to the same schedule. Every day when Jack goes to take a nap Diego goes and curls up in his bed downstairs, and he naps the whole time Jack is napping. I think it is their little break from each other since they have started playing so much. That’s fine I think it takes a two year olds energy to match that of a kitten.

I LOVE my photography class so far. Mostly this week has just been about her philosophy on photography stuff like that. I haven’t had to have my camera this week thank goodness. I should be getting it back today though. I can’t wait! When I told Zach I had to ship it off he said he betted I would miss having it. I figured it was a short time, and I wouldn’t miss it, but he was right I did miss it. I hadn’t realized how much taking pictures has become a part of my life. I’ve been printing my lessons, and she also has MP3s of the lessons so you can listen to them and read them. I really like that. I hadn’t realized she had that when I signed up for the class. As excited as I am to be taking the class I still have to push myself to participate in it. I tend to be a wallflower rather than jump right in and speak up. I always hated having to post things on the boards for my online college classes. I had read in a flickr group though that some woman that had taken Karen’s class said they really regretted not participating in the class more. Even though it is a class of around a hundred women Karen said you tend to see only about 25 people really get involved in the class. So I’m sticking my neck out there and making myself do it.

Jack is still up to the same old stuff. We have gotten a bit off of our schedule, and that has made for some grouchy days. We had a good day overall yesterday, bit it had some bad moments. He has become a little food beggar. Constantly going into the kitchen opening the pantry, or asking for something else to eat, and usually he hasn’t eaten a very good lunch or dinner. Also, begging to watch something on the tv or watch a movie. I’m pretty sick of that too. It had made me so tense last night. It was one of those nights where I was ready to clock out on my mommy time card by 7. He finally figured out he wasn’t going to get to watch something, and he brought out his blocks to play with.

I almost forgot it is Friday. I can do a Friday Five. Hmmm, I haven’t even thought about what
I want to ask.

1. Which television show are you most excited to start back up this season?
2. Are you ready for Fall to be here?
3. Do you have a favorite beauty product?
4. What is your favorite place to go to eat out?
5. Do you have a hobby?

Okay that is pretty random. Just knocked those off the top of my head. I’ll be reading your comments!


The Whitsitt Family said...

1. What show am I not excited about starting? I love to watch so many. It will be so nice to have something to watch again. It doesn't start until after the new year, but I am really excited for LOST. It is the last season, and I just can't imagine how they are going to end this thing.

2. I am pretty excited about the fall. I really love the fall season. I wish we had the leaves falling and chaning colors out here. Whittney reminded me we need to start checking out the pumpkin patch times. Yay! That just got me thinking about all the things I can take pictures of. I have to hold myself back from buying all the cute fall decorations I see.

3. I really don't collect or use many beauty products. I don't even use hairspray on my hair anymore, LOL. I do like my Bare Minerals makeup though.

4. Out here it would have to by Toby's mexican place. A hole in the wall joint. Pretty much any mexican food place I love.

5. So many hobbies. I used to do tons of scrapbooking, and I want to get back into that more. I like to crochet. I really want to start quilting. I'm dying to get a sewing machine. Of couse I love taking pictures!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Ronda said...

1. I would say Grey's Anatomy is the one I can't wait to see from last season. I really want to see Nurses and Fast Forward from the new fall lineup.
2. I love fall. My abosolute favorite time of the year! Crisp mornings are great...
3. I would say I mainly use L'oreal makeup. Seems to have a section geared to the aged!
4. I don't really have a favorite, as I find it hard to eat out much anymore. I would say Mexican seems to be the easiest for me to get down though.
5. Lots of hobbies...crocheting, scrapbooking, plants, photography, decorating and now I want to learn to knit and eventually to quilt.

Tanya said...

HI! I think Jack and Adrianna are doing the same things...she wants to watch the same movie or tv show all the time..what happened to play time? I have been thinking about photography too. Dont have a good camera yet but was thinking about a class. I havent scrapbooked since before Adrianna was born.WOW a really long time. Miss you guys.LOL

Aunt janet said...

Diego looks like a combo of Tigger & Smudge, waiting for the pic of Diego & Jack in his tent watching a movie!


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