Life at 1572: I'm Baaack!

I'm Baaack!

I guess it is time to come out of my hiding place. Except it wasn’t really hiding, but more like a really long vacation. The truth is I just haven’t been able to find the time to get any posts written or pictures posted. It became one of those things that the more time I took away from it the easier it was to put it on the back burner. Now, where to begin? So much has happened. I’m hoping to catch up with some pictures and maybe some snippets of stories that have gone on around here. I can’t promise anything though because I am currently taking 1,511 pictures off of my memory card. That is how many pictures I have taken since I haven’t really been blogging, and that isn’t even with me picking up the camera everyday like I should be. It is hard to find a place to start. Right now I am thinking about my baby turning 3 in less than three weeks. It is hard to imagine he’s going to be three. He’s turning into such a little man. He is so smart and funny. I’ll be dedicating a post just to Jack and what he’s been up to soon. I was hoping to include a few pictures, but the uploading is pretty slow. I am going to head to bed, and hope they are all uploaded by the morning.

I do ask you to please pray for the Owens family. This is a blog that Zach and I have been following. The Owens just lost their three year old little boy to mitochondrial disease. The past few days the pictures and posts have been heart wrenching to read. This is something neither Zach nor I could imagine having to go through, and it has truly touched our hearts. Pray that this family will be able to find strength and peace.

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Singell Family said...

Im so glad you are back, but sad to hear about this little boy. I could not imagine either what they must be going through. Cant wait to see pics soon of Jack!

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