Life at 1572: New Kitten

New Kitten

We have a new kitten! A few weeks ago I was on the website for our housing hoping to find the events coordinator because I had a few ideas for her. I checked out our housing area just to read the description, and at the bottom it talked about the pet policy. That policy has always been NO pets, but to my disbelief it said two cats allowed. I showed it to Zach because we had never heard that we can have pets. I figured maybe it was something they passed and told everyone about while I was away. I called housing in the morning, and she confirmed that yes we can now have two cats. I asked when it was passed and she said, “About a month ago.” I asked if they had told anyone about it and she said, “Uhhmm no not yet.” They still haven’t mentioned anything to anyone, and as far our last newsletter it still says no pets, and I got that a few days ago. It makes me mad because I don’t think they have any intention of telling anyone. I already told a few friends, and they got cats so maybe the word will spread.

Anyway, I liked the idea of having a pet again, but I wasn’t jumping on the idea to run out and get one. I figured we could get one maybe after we come back from out holiday leave. That way we don’t have to worry about a pet sitter. Well, Zach had different ideas. He was looking on craigslist right away for kittens. He was totally ready to have a cat. We started just looking around to see what there was and what it might cost us. We all know what happened when we went just looking at puppies. We checked the humane society, and they didn’t have anything. A mall pet store was charging $200 for kittens. I don’t think so! We checked several adoption places, but were a bit wary because many of the places out here take feral cats and kittens in. I didn’t want something like that.

Finally we ended up at a small pet store, and they had two 8 week old tabby kittens. Just the cat I was wanting. They had a female fluff ball that was going to be a long hair and a male with stripes and white on his body. The lady said that we could just buy $50 worth of cat supplies and then we could have the kitten. This sounded like the best deal to us because out here there is no such thing as a free kitten, and this way we wouldn’t have to buy the kitten and then the supplies. We couldn’t take it home yet though because it had to be checked by the vet the next day. We put a hold on the fluffy female, and waited to be called. At home I went into my, should we really get a cat? stage. I thought about how I kind of wanted a black and white one more. I really didn’t want a long hair, and I had thought the boy cat wasn’t very cute. Maybe we should just wait like I had thought in the first place. But we had also had a hard time finding such young kittens, and maybe this was our only chance. I was in turmoil over the decision so the next day I told Zachery to just decide which cat to get, and if we get one at all. I am an animal lover, and knew I’d love whatever we got. So he called the lady and told her we changed our mind to the boy cat. She called us later that night and we were able to pick him up.

He’s such a fun kitten. Tons of energy and loves to play. The first few days he was a bit skittish, and I was worried because I want a cuddly cat. He has calmed down and warmed up to us. He curls up in our laps and sleeps with us. He doesn’t have much to do with Jack except play. Jack likes to take the cat toys and play with him. Jack does help feed him that is his new job. Now, he’s always asking me if I think the kitty is hungry. The cat went several days without a name. I had thought of Milo, and Zach thought that was fine. Then we started thinking we should name him something to do with where we live. Something like beaches, sandy, or sunny. I also wanted something that went with our dog’s name Sam. So for several days he was just kitty. Then I said maybe we should name him Diego. Then I realized when you say Sam Diego out loud it sounds like San Diego. So that settled it. It was perfect. His name is Diego. Jack calls him Da Ego, or it comes out Ego. We love our kitten.
Here are a few pictures of Diego. Of course we get a new kitten, and my camera is in Irvine being check out. I hope to have it back by the end of the week. These are just a few point and shoot shots.
Jack and his new kitten
Jack and his new kitten
He has a funny tuft of white long hairs on his back.
Diego in his bed


Grandma Rosie said...

Diego is a strong name so surely your little guy will grow up to be big and strong.
He seems to be very "at home" already. Glad you finally get to have a pet without hiding him from the maintenance man. I am sure that is a relief.
Keep posting those pictures. How is the class going?

Love and miss you all.


Grandma Rosie

Singell Family said...

Sam Diego! LOL Thats perfect!! I agree with you about the ball thing. That is outrageous!!! We have never been to one. I was like you, Im not really into the whole prom thing again. Our are not manditory and they are only like between $25-$40 to go. They do alot of fundraisers to get ready for it, but we just never were interested in going.

Brooke said...

Cute kitten!!! Glad you have warmed up to each other. I like cats, but can never have one. I think that cat freaked me out when i was little, the one that i always woke up with him on my head sufficating me.

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