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Daily Life

I have had several posts rolling around in my head, and I might just combine them into one long winded complainish type post. I’m sorry the Friday Five post didn’t get out. I’m just so busy, and maybe we got a new printer, and I had to spend time into the late hours playing around with it instead of posting. We haven’t had a printer for a few years, and frankly a computer is just silly without a printer. We have needed to print something time after time. My photography class is coming up, and I have to print my lessons. I had to send my camera into canon and I had to print some forms. I get coupon after coupon in my email for some great deals, but they all require printing. We bit the bullet and drove to Best Buy for a printer. I had planned on a canon printer, but we couldn’t find one we liked. We ended up with an HP one, and oh how I hope it is a good printer. I hadn’t checked the reviews on it, and I have to check the reviews on everything before I buy it. As long as it wasn’t an Epson printer. I know most of the people in the photography world swear by the Epson printers, but the one we got 4 years ago we spent like $300 brand new because I wanted a great photo printer, and it worked great for a while then started with the paper jams, and never worked right again. So we went the much cheaper route this time, and as long as it prints my documents I’m satisfied.

Okay onto the ranting and raving portion.

How often do you go the grocery store? What do you buy, and what do you spend? Sorry, too nosey? Well we go every two weeks, and every two weeks we stand at the checkout with our mouths agape at the total. $250. This is despite having $20 worth of coupons. Despite careful daily planning of the menu until the next grocery visit around said coupons. Despite shopping at the commissary where we are guaranteed at least 30% off prices. The thing is we don’t buy crazy stuff. We aren’t buying expensive cuts of meat, we don’t do fruit snacks, juices, or things of that nature that I consider extras. Our biggest extravagance is a Digiorno pizza with a coupon! Almost a year ago before Zach left for Iraq we weren’t spending near this much. Only around $180 every two weeks, and we haven’t changed our eating habits. Have food prices risen that much? Do you notice it where you are? While he was deployed I was home with family, and I didn’t have to buy that much stuff so maybe it just slipped by me. Maybe I’m not the only one because when I was in the vegetable aisle last week I overheard a lady mumble, “When did this sh*t start costing a dollar?” After our last shopping trip we talked about it, and decided that this is just what it is going to cost, and we have to get used to it.


Grandma Rosie said...

Hope the printer is a good one but now days, it really doesn't matter as you buy it, and bingo, it's busted. Good luck.

Grocery's? I really can't comment on that one for you sweetie as with Evy working I only go every month and a half to 2 months. Last time I went $145 but it lasts us. Although I do see where things are really going up in price and you do need things with Jack, even if you make the snacks, I am sure that costs.

Really like to hear the rants and raves. Post more pics!!!!

Love you all.

Grandma Rosie

Singell Family said...

I hear ya about the groceries. We found a great grocery store out here that does what is called meal deals. You buy one thing and get another free, and then with coupons we save about $30 bucks each time we go. Im going to dread not having this store around in KS. We usually spend around $ 200 every two weeks, but Im sure it will go up once baby is old enough to eat people foods.

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