Life at 1572: It's Potty Time!

It's Potty Time!

We are working on potty training for Jack. We got a call from the preschool he has been on the waiting list for, and they have an open spot. We have orientation for it tomorrow. It will be Tuesdays and Thursdays I think three hours a week. The problem is Jack has to be potty trained to go there, and he really isn’t completely trained. He will go to the bathroom every time you take him, but he won’t tell you when he has to go. We have tried everything pull ups, underwear, letting him sit in his mess, letting it go so he can take the lead, and so many more things. Now, that we hope for him to start preschool we’ve really been hitting it hard. I still really don’t have hopes that he will do it in time for preschool, but we will see. Either way he’s turning three in a few weeks, and the sooner we get moving on being trained the better.

After getting some advice from friends we are using a sticker chart, and taking Jack to the bathroom as often as possible. Jack loves stickers, and I thought this might be some motivation for him rather than the few pieces of candy he was getting before. It was crazy when I typed in potty charts the first one to come up was a chart with a train and tracks on it with little places to put star stickers. I had just bought star stickers at Wal-Mart earlier in the day so it was perfect. I printed it out and taped it on the wall in the kitchen. We are also asking him if he has to go a few times an hour since he’s still not willing to tell us. When he fills up his chart he gets to pick a toy from the treasure chest that Zach built for him at work. We have a new dollar store close by so we just grabbed some cheap trinkets for him to choose from. So far he has loved putting the stickers on his chart, and he got his first toy today. We had three accidents yesterday, but none so far today. If we can just get him to tell us when he has to go we may be golden.

Jack had his three year check up today. He weighs 30 lbs and is 25% for weight, and he was 37 ½ inches. The doctor said he’s really healthy. The doctor had several glowing compliments on his behavior and his ability to follow direction. He said he seems very mature for his age, and thinks it will just get better if he’s able to start preschool. That had me beaming of course. We talked about the potty training. I told him how he’s never minded being in soiled things even in his diapers as a baby, and he agreed that usually makes things harder. He said his middle child was the same way, and it really just took a few weeks of buckling down and making it happen. He said from what he saw Jack seems very ready, and while he was saying this Jack stood there nodding his head in agreement. Cracked us up. Jack knew he had to get a shot today, and he was very matter of fact about it. He sat there and told us he had to get poke and then a Band-Aid. He cried of course, but the sucker made things all better.

Potty Chart

Filled out his chart, and he picked a monster truck for his toy.
Filled his chart


Singell Family said...

Oh Im glad the sticker chart is going over well!

Grandma Rosie said...

Hope you can get this done before school but maybe when he gets to school he will be great at telling his teacher he has to go???? Kids seem to sometimes do things for other people and not for their parents. Good luck.

Miss you all.


Grandma Rosie

Aunt janet said...

Looks like he a more than star stickers!! Does he get a big sticker everytime he goes then puts it on his shirt??

Be careful it doesn't end up more of a game & not "potty training".
And he has to completely out of diapers, so that means crash course on No.2 also!! Good luck my boys hated it - they thought they were going to fall in.

love you

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