Life at 1572: PT and DWTS


More potty training talk, I know you are just dying to know.

This potty training stuff is for the birds. Needless to say we aren’t having much success over here. None actually. We are doing the sticker chart and the toys and the clapping and the dancing. This is getting exhausting I tell you. It isn’t making much of a difference. He’s in underwear from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. He has nothing but accidents if you don’t make him go use the potty. We gave it a few days of trying to let him do things on his own. Today we are trying the let him be naked, and take him to the bathroom every thirty minutes. He doesn’t seem to be able to distinct from underwear or a pull up so maybe wearing nothing will work. Pretty much we are all frustrated and over it. We talk to him and talk him, and he looks at us with a blank stare. We’ll keep chugging along, but we may have to give up and try again later.

On the down side we had the preschool orientation, and I would love for him to start. It seems like a great program. They have a really nice room, and different centers for them to learn in. They go to the library once a week, and even go on field trips. I think he would love it. They didn’t ask me if he was potty trained, and I didn’t mention anything. He could have started this week going Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they have holiday break next week so she gave us the option of starting after break. Of course I chose after break because it gave us two more weeks to try to get the potty training down.


I am so happy with the dancing with the stars results from last night. Monday night I voted as much as I could for Kelly because I knew she was most likely to go. I couldn’t stand Joanna and Derek. I thought their dances were too nasty for what is supposed to be family programming. Derek seemed to be getting a little too full of himself. I know Kelly isn’t as good of a dancer, and in the end she doesn’t really deserve to win. This season has been pretty boring all in all. I have heard that for the first time ever their ratings are down. I hope they pick more exciting people for next season.


Singell Family said...

Sorry to hear about the potty training. I know how hard it can be.

Honestly I havent watched this season of DWTS at all. It started before we got our house so I missed the first couple episodes and never started it up once we got in here.

Kalyn said...

my mom thought kelly was going home, and i told her no she's not you just watch. then she really thought she was going home once she was in the bottom two, but i didn't like the others preformance at all. and then she was in shock when they didnt say kelly's name. i just rubbed it in her face lol. and i havent even watched the show this season it didnt look intresting i was with her and thats why i watched it lol.

Aunt Janet said...

Oh, potty training with boys is so much fun!!! You really can't rush them it just doesn't work - crazy I know for such a simple task to ask. Your luck he will pick up on it with being naked & then try to explain why he can't do that at school. That look will be given to you for years to come!

Yes I was shocked Kelly stayed but
I am glad she really worked hard.


Ronda said...

Little guys are harder to train than little gals! Not sure why but once they have it there generally is no going backwards as some little girls do! So don't fret, when he is ready he will do it. He might not get to go to this session with the pre-school but there is always the next time. Is there another pre-school around that doesn't need them to be potty trained to attend?

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