Life at 1572: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

We are home from our visit to see family in Missouri. I suppose it is time to take a crack at blogging again. So much went on during our three week visit, and I literally have thousands of pictures to go through. We made it home last night just fine despite our flight being delayed. We were just happy it wasn’t cancelled on us. Jack was wonderful during the flight he watched three whole movies (Thanks Aunt Brooke and Uncle Matt!) and he was content to just sit there and be good.

By the time we got home we were all dead tired! We picked up Diego our cat, and hurried to our home. I just love coming home after a long trip. I feel like I am seeing my house with fresh eyes. It could really use some organizing, and maybe even a few decoration changes. I guess we should at least get the Christmas tree down. Everyone went to sleep just fine except me. Despite being able to spread out in our ca king bed rather than a full I couldn’t sleep but the last few hours of the morning. I think I just got too tired. Jack woke up this morning fully rested, and bounding with energy to spare. He was really excited to see the cat, I don’t think he even remembers seeing him last night he was so sleepy. I have many things to tackle around here. I should take a picture and show you my living room. It looks like it was hit by a luggage bomb. Suitcases all over the place.

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Aunt Janet said...

Glad you guys are home safe & sound! Now to do the unpacking & putting it away, yuck!!

Miss you already, tell Jack Aunt Janet misses those big smack kisses!!

Back to the grind
Yes can't wait to see some pics.

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