Life at 1572: Santa Train 2009

Santa Train 2009

We were able to visit the Santa Train again this year while we were home. This was a perfect combination for Jack Santa Clause and a train. It was freezing outside so we had to bundle up. I don’t think it was near as cold as it was last year. I was a little worried that Jack wouldn’t have the patience to wait his turn to get on the train. We are having some issues with waiting, and not throwing a fit if he can’t do what he wants right away. He stayed in good spirits though, and we were able to board the train. He kept asking me if we were going to ride the train, and if the train was going to chugger. He loves to talk about trains.

Santa Train

Daddy and Jack

Santa and Jack


Daddy and Jack

Just for fun I was going through my photos, and I spotted this one from the Santa train in 2008. It is nearly identical to the picture I took this year. He's grown so much in a year.

2008_2009 Santa Train


Aunt janet said...

He does look like a little boy growing in this year's pic. Sure glad to see Zack got to be here for that memory finally!!

Give big kissed for us!

The Swigarts said...

They have a GREAT Santa there!!

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