Life at 1572: Another week

Another week

We are still in Missouri. Enjoying our time here very much. We have had a bit of snow. We are supposed to get more, but I'm not sure if it will be much. Jack and I took the time to go outside and play for a while. I was glad to have a reason to pull out my camera. I'll be glad to get home and get some editing done.

If I have a computer to come home to. Our computer was attacked by a bunch of viruses. I guess there is something going around that is getting through the security programs. All I can say is backup your stuff people.

Do you watch Oprah? Have you heard about her trying to get people to stop texting and talking while they drive. I usually hate how people jump on the Oprah bandwagon, but I like this one. Before she started this whole thing I heard that texting and driving is like driving under the influence of 4 drinks. That opened my eyes. Also that 6,000 car related deaths were due to texting or talking while driving. No life is worth a text or call. I hope you will put down your phone and drive.

Friday Five

1. Any Valentine's Day plans?
2. Do you text or talk while driving?
3. If you do would you consider stopping?
4. Any movies you are hoping to see?
5. Will you be watching the Olympics tonight?

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The Whitsitt Family said...

1. Spending time with my little Valentine and my mom.
2. Talking while driving yes usually on speaker phone. Texting maybe a few times, but only at the red lights. Not like that should be an excuse.
3. Yes, I'd hate to hurt someone else for something so not worth it.
4. I'd like to see Valentine's Day, Dear John, and Crazy Hearts
5. Yes, I will be watching the olympics, but I didn't even realize they were on until this afternoon.

Have a happy weekend!


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