Life at 1572: I'm going to need a wig

I'm going to need a wig

My son has me pulling out my hair like you wouldn't believe. The terrible threes have hit us full force. Gone is my sweet little boy. The words "no" and "I just can't" come out of his mouth twenty bazillion times a day. I HATE that he is stressing me out so much. At the end of the day I feel like a horrible mommy, and I beat myself up. I keep thinking I need to be calmer, more patient, I need something because this doesn't seem to be working. It never seems to be enough. My own Mom assures me that all mothers feel this way.

The fact is there just doesn't seem to be any disciplining him. Not that he's bad all the time, but it seems to be getting more and more throughout the day. Nothing works on this kid. He turns everything around on me. I put him in time-out, and after it is time to get up he just says he wants to sit there. I'm now even putting him in his room until he can act nice and appropriately. Still nothing seems to sink in with him. Threats don't work like if you don't shape up we won't be getting any ice cream! He could care less. Everyone I have talked to says the same thing, "Oh wow, good luck." I just hope this isn't a sample of the teenage years in my future.

He really is a good little boy deep in his heart. More than anything else he's just sassy, and the most STUBBORN child I have ever seen. His independent streak isn't helping matters. I just keep thinking maybe when he's 4 things will change. Then I get mad at myself because I don't want to wish the next 9 months away.

I think he's going to be a kid that need lots of activities. He seems to get bored very easily, and that really brings out the naughty behavior. Being stuck inside during the winter isn't helping matters. Thank goodness the next few days are supposed to be warmer. I hope we can get out and burn off some of that energy.


Singell Family said...

Amy, we are totally going through the same thing with Ivy. She is so stubborn and doesnt listen to a word we say! I get very frustrated too. I do notice that she is better when Constance is at school and the baby is sleeping. So I think in her case, she is just trying to get attention. Im hoping its just the age as well!

The Swigarts said...

Hopefully it will get better soon. I keep hearing people say that three is much worse than 2, which is very scary. Does taking things away work on him? Its amazing how well it works on Kennedy.

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