Life at 1572: Busy Days

Busy Days

I have been trying to clean, organize, and dejunkify this house for the past week.  Being that it is Friday I really have't gotten much done.  I have however managed to surf around on facebook, reorganized my google reader, and updated the blog roll as you can see on the right over there.  These mindless activities are just so much more fun than cleaning my house.  We have been consumed by crap and clutter.  I wouldn't say I am a pack rat, although, my husband might say otherwise.  I don't really have trouble getting rid of thing or throwing things away.  I just tend to have more stuff than space.  I've never really sorted through any of Jack's toys other than move the old ones to the garage, and he's three years old.  Things are getting a bit overwhelming around here.  I need to find a donation center I think.  I have considered trying to sell a few things on craigslist, and I might go that route.  We are thinking about a yard sale maybe, but people don't really go to those around here.  Either way I got most of the kitchen done today, and that makes things better.

We had a pretty busy day yesterday.  Jack went to preschool, and he decided to take the firetruck for show and tell.  I think it went pretty well.  He said the kids passed it around.  He got some sort of goody bag because it was a kids' birthday so he was focused on that, and it was hard to drag the details of his day out of him.  I got a lot of, "I don't know."  By the way am I the only person that hates those party goody bags? They are filled with the cheapest little plastic toys that I just want to pitch into the trash as soon as we get home.  We rushed home to get some lunch, and try to get Jack to nap a little earlier than normal.  Instead of napping he decided to get up 20 times so he really just ended up resting on the sofa.  Then I thought I lost one of the cats that we are sitting for.  I couldn't find her anywhere, and she's the one that does try to get out of the house.  I was panicked, but I finally found her hiding in the laundry room.  Then Jack and I raced out the door to see The Princess and the Frog, they were playing it for free at the base theatre.  Jack, was having a bit of trouble sitting through the entire thing.  The movie was pretty good.  It had some parts that I thought were maybe a little too scary for Jack.

After the movie we waited for Zach to get home so we could go to the circus on the base.  We had never been, but Jack saw the tent when I took him to preschool so I promised we would go.  Wow, it turned out to be a pretty ghetto circus.  We only stayed for half of it because the music was really loud, and Jack kept covering his ears.  He did get some cotton candy, and a balloon so he was happy.  The balloon didn't even make the 10 minute walk back to the house before it popped.  After it popped Jack kept saying in a sad voice, "Oh, no! It was my whole life."  It cracked us up.  He's a bit dramatic I think.

Chomping on an apple, his favorite thing to eat.
April 15, 2010

The circus, but the boy is happy with his bag of sugar. Excuse the grubby hubby he was bummin' it.
April 15, 2010

I  can't seem to come up with any Friday Five so I'll just ask this question.

Have any plans for the weekend?


Grandma Nancy said...

Only plans to sort thru some stuff with your Aunts!
I'm glad you had fun yesterday.
I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at 'show and tell', I want to know what he said about his firetruck!

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right babe, I would have something else to say about the packrat issue, but I wont . Also there is no need to for you to excuse me I am always bummin. Love you


Grandma Rosie said...

Weather he is bummin or not, always a good lookin guy in my book!!!! Jack is so funny! Lol My plans - right now I am volunteering a a Make a Wish event, then the gym to work out. That's it. Love and miss you all. Xoxoxoxox

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