Life at 1572: House Guests

House Guests

We have two house guests their names are Cocoa and Yum Yum.  We are cat sitting for 6 weeks.  I guess paybacks are hell since we had Whittney and Adam watch our cat forever when we went home to Missouri.  They are both girls, and we were told one was nice and the other one has a bit of an attitude.  It really hasn't been that bad.  We had some hissing from both sides the first day, but as the pictures show everyone is one big happy family now.  Cocoa the one with the attitude has even warmed up to us.  I am really enjoying it.  It adds a little excitement to our house, and I am a cat lover.

I forgot to add that we also have two fish now.  We got them a while ago.  Since Jack has his pet fish at Grandma's house, Daddy decided he needed some fish here too.  We just bought two cheapy  goldfish not being too concerned with their lifespan.  They were being kept in Jackson's room, and they were really getting the shaft up there.  I have blackout curtains in that room, and we only really go up there to put Jack to sleep.  So I decided what better time to test out if these fish are truly meant to be then when we have three cats in the house?  They now reside on the kitchen counter, and they seem to be doing fine.  Much better actually than when they were living in the dark 24/7.  Just the  occasional curious cat drinking their fish water.  
Yum Yum on the left & Cocoa on the right
April 14, 2010

All three cats napping together.
April 14, 2010


Grandma Rosie said...

OMGOODNESS, look how Diego has grown. He looks so fat compared to the girls. LOL Love to read your posts. Keep them coming.

Love you all. xoxoxoxoxox

Grandma Nancy said...

I love the 'attitude' look of Cocoa! Reminds me of the almighty Tigger!

Aunt Janet said...

Don't get any ideas -- ONE is enough, RIGHT?!! Guess she enjoyed Diego so much that she needed some? Now you can't feel guilty when you need a petsitter.

They are very cute.


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