Life at 1572: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We haven't been doing much around here.  While we had hoped to get out and do something over the weekend like maybe the beach there just wasn't enough time.  Zach, had duty Friday night so that left him with very little sleep, and very tired on Saturday.  We did the usual walking to get Zach's haircut, and shopping around the exchange.  We did make a trip to Balboa park to visit the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall.  It was very beautiful, and emotional.  I hope to have pictures to come soon.  Neither of us knew anyone that died in the war so we didn't have a name to look up, but the had a database that would tell you where your person's name was.  They had paper ready for people if they wanted to do a rubbing.  It is amazing to think of all of those names on that wall.  The hardest part was seeing the men standing at the wall crying.  They also had a display of some things from the war.  Turns out the guy that provides the stuff is from St. Louis, Mo.  We enjoyed being out, and Jack found some big hills to roll down.  

Sunday we hoped to go to church, but Zach had a few things he had to do for work in the morning, and we had the geek squad people coming to look at our computer in the afternoon.  The guy they sent out was really great.  We have had some trouble with them in the past, but this guy seemed all about customer service.  Our hard drive crashed in the computer.  Luckily, we had almost everything backed up so we didn't lose very much.  Make sure you back up your stuff people, you never know when you computer is going to go out.  The Geek Squad guy worked on it for a long time, but he didn't have enough time to get the job done.  He's coming back today, and hopefully everything is resolved.  This is the third time we have had to have this computer fixed in the past few months.  Since the computer kept dying we decided to make the leap to getting a Macs.  Zach has wanted a laptop for a while, and we always wish we had one when we visit home.  We got the macbook pro, and we got a desk top.  People seem to rave about Apple and Mac so we hope it turns out of be a good investment for us.  Of course I always feel guilty after big purchases, but this is something we use everyday.  

Not much new is going on with Jack either.  He has more preschool this week.  I'm not sure when his school ends I am hoping it goes through June.  I asked the center if they have any summer programs for kids his age, and of course they don't.  I just wish he was old enough to do some sports.  He just loves interacting with other kids.  Maybe we will look into some swim lessons for this summer.  I have to find something to do to keep this boy entertained.  

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