Life at 1572: Easter Weekend 2010/Friday Five

Easter Weekend 2010/Friday Five

Yay, it is happy Friday even though it seems like it was just the weekend.  We haven't had very much going on this week.  Jack started back at preschool, and he is really enjoying it.  He has a new building and a new classroom.  They are very nice inside.  Jack, really enjoys having something to go and do every week.  Tuesday they rode the bus to the library, and he told me they got to learn about a bearded dragon, and they got to pet one with two fingers.  Except Jack called it a bearded yizard because he has trouble with his L's, and it is just too cute.  I need to get a video of him describing his yizard experience.  We have been spending lots of time outside enjoying the warmer weather, and getting some fresh air.  Really it has been hot here the past week in the near 80's.  I have to try to remember to sunscreen Jack before he goes to preschool because he has come home with a little sunburn on his neck and face.  Poor thing just burns so easily, and I am diligent about sunscreening him when we go out and about, but I forget he spends a good portion of his day outside when he's there.  

I will go ahead and update about our Easter weekend even though I won't be able to include pictures until the computer is fixed, and I have them scheduled to come out this Sunday.  We had a really nice Easter weekend.  Zach and I worked around the house Saturday morning, and then we all walked to the exchange so that Zach could get his haircut.  Something that Zach and Jackson always used to do, but I started tagging along, and I really enjoy it.  Jack, loves going to the barbershop, and he really loves Barbara the nice lady that cuts Zach's hair.  They have quite the little relationship going, and he is so happy to see her.  It doesn't hurt that she supplies him with all the candy he would like while he's there.  We let Jack take a nap while we got the eggs ready for dying.  I was very proud of myself for getting them done early in the afternoon this year instead of late in the evening like usual.  We had a great time dying the eggs.  This year Jack was old enough to used the tongs to put his eggs in the dye and take them out.  Even though we had tons of eggs we got done pretty quickly because he couldn't put them in the dye fast enough he was having so much fun.  We all cleaned up and headed out the door to Adam and Whittney's house for her Easter dinner.  As usual she made tons of food, and it was all very good.  We had lamb which neither of us had ever had before, and it was very tasty.  

Sunday we woke up pretty late despite needing to get up early to finish cleaning the house, and get ourselves ready for church and the Easter Bunny.  Some Marines had some trouble the night before that took them to the hospital and had Zach gone until 4:30 in the morning taking care of things.  Trying to pry him out of bed that morning was near impossible.  It was a good thing we were going to Adam and Whitt's church instead of our very early service.  Running around ironing shirts and throwing on clothes we managed to make it there on time.  It was a very nice service, and Jack really enjoyed his sunday school.  Adam and Whittney kept Jack there for their after church egg hunt while Zach and I ran home to make sure the Easter Bunny had done his job.  Jack, loved everything in his Easter basket he had it all strewn across the living room.  The lucky little boy had so much stuff that he had to have two baskets this year.  We had a fun time watching him find the hidden eggs.  I must say that Jack's Easter Bunny just loves the holidays and tends to go a little overboard!  Not just with the eggs, but with the candy Adam said he doesn't remember there being so much candy when he was little.  Well, none of the candy went to waste while everyone gorged themselves on it while I got the BBQ ready.  We had a delicious traditional bbq, and Zach really worked some magic on the chicken legs they were so yummy.  

Oh my gosh I almost forgot to include the little story about the earthquake we had.  We experience it while we were at the barbershop that morning.  Adam was getting his haircut, and Whittney and Jack were over near him.  Zach andI were in the waiting area sitting down.  All of the sudden my chair started to shake back and forth really hard.  At first I thought maybe someone was horsing around and running making things shake.  Then someone shouted, "Earthquake!" Despite this not being very safe I shot out of my chair, and ran to grab Jackson.  My heart was going 90 miles an hour.  I scooped him up and got under a doorway.  I think they said it lasted all of 45 seconds to a minute.  It ended up being a 7.2 quake, and that is fairly large.  We had a few mild aftershocks later in the day that we felt too.  We didn't have any damage in our area, and things were fine at the house.  While it was scary it was an exciting thing to experience.  Zach, and I felt one when we first moved here, but we were so new to California that neither of us knew what it was, and it was certainly nothing like this one.

 Due to the continued aftershocks I was more worried about Jackson and I told Zach to keep an eye on him.  Well, two Marines decided to be smart asses and make sure Jack was really really safe.  Using issued gear; elbow pads for knee pads, and a knee pad for a chest plate, and Jack's bike helmet they demonstrated how safe they could really keep Jack.  In his Sunday best at that!  It was very amusing, and Jack kept saying, "Look I'm a turtle."  

April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

Friday Five

1. What is your favorite spring flower?

2. Do you do spring cleaning? If so what does it entail?

3. Do you plant anything or plan to do any gardening?

4. What is your favorite outside activity?

5. Do you have any projects you want to get started that you waited for the warmer weather to do?  

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The Whitsitt Family said...

1. I love all of the spring flowers my favorite to see pop up during spring are the daffodil and the tulip.

2. I really don't do much spring cleaning because I am cleaning all the time! While I know spring cleaning is the more detailed cleaning that I just wish I had time for. I am hoping to work on it in the next few weeks.

3. I am afraid I didn't get my mom's green thumb. I bought some flowers the other day to have a touch of spring at the house, and they are already not doing very well. Don't worry mom the christmas cactus is still alive! I'm not sure if we will be planting anything this year.

4. I just love to be outside walking or biking. I enjoy just getting out, but I really enjoy these activities when we are on trails, or in more of a nature setting. Don't forget the beach also on the top of my outside activity lists.

5. No real projects around here that had to wait until now, but I am hoping to tackle our garage sometime soon.


I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Get out and do something!

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