Life at 1572: My Picture is on The Pioneer Woman!

My Picture is on The Pioneer Woman!

Over at The Pioneer Woman Ree, has been doing photography assignments.  If you don't know who Ree is, she's a big blog internet celebrity.  She has a great blog, she's written a cookbook, and she's a fantastic photographer.  Reading her blog is what got me wanting to improve my photography, and really learn about it.  She's been seen on The View, Good Morning America, and The Bonnie Hunt Show.  Zach and I both enjoy reading her blog.

Her last photography was assignment was "Happiness"  After seeing a few people enter pictures of their military men returning home I had wished I had entered a picture of Zach and my Grandma.  On Tuesday before I went to pick Jack up from school I sat down to read Pioneer Woman, and jumped for joy when I saw her new assignment was "Military Homecomings."  I knew I had to enter my picture as soon as I got home.

The picture is in February 2005. Zach coming home from his first tour to Iraq.  My Grandma and I had flown to California to be able to greet him when he came in.  The picture isn't the best technical photo ever taken, and was shot my old 5 megapixel Kodak point and shoot camera.  It has always been a picture full of emotion for me.  It was the middle night, I wasn't sleeping laying in bed surfing the internet.  I started reading blogs out of my google reader, and I squealed slapping Zach awake exclaiming, "Oh my God my picture is on Pioneer Woman!"  I can't believe it, so many people enter their pictures to her assignments.  I have never entered before knowing I never really stood a chance because of the quality of images that were being entered.

Of course then I got all teary eyed because my Grandma has just recently passed.  I continue to carry those wonderful memories of our San Diego trip together.

You can click here if you want to see the picture on the site.

You can click here if you would like to look at other pictures people have submitted for the assignment.


God Bless. Happy Memorial weekend to all.


Ronda said...

Love this photo of Zach and your grandma. It makes me tear up...

heather said...

Im so glad your picture got chosen! I love this picture, it is so sweet! I miss her! And I miss you guys too!

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