Life at 1572: Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

1. Jack and I walked to his preschool this morning.  Even though it is only maybe 15 minutes away we have never done this before.  Mostly, because I am rushing to get him out the door while he fiddles around drinking his required cup of chocolate milk, and watching a show on television.  It was very nice though.  The weather here hasn't been too hot.  We held hands, walked, and talked.  It was wonderful.

2. Next Tuesday we are doing something fun that I hoped we would be able to do before we moved.  You will have to wait until next Tuesday to find out what it is.

3. I entered a picture in Ree's new photo contest.  It was for pictures of military homecomings.  It is fun to look at everyone's pictures.

4. For the past few afternoons I have been taking the time to go sit out on my patio and read while Jack takes his nap.  Something I used to do when we first moved here years ago.  When I could do it anytime of the day that I liked, and didn't have to schedule around a little one's nap.  It has been relaxing.  I have missed reading a good book.

5. We have our sites on a possible house, but I don't want to say very much about it.  Just keep us in prayers that this house will work out for us.

6. Zach did well on another test.  He got an 85 on the one last week, and a 94 on the one this week.  I guess 30 people failed the one yesterday it was so difficult.  I am very proud of him, but he's been a bit of a bear to live with.  He doesn't handle stress and struggle very well.  I'm not sure I could put up with him if he decided to go back to school!  The hard written tests are over for now, and they are moving onto the selling of the Marine Corps section.  More about public speaking something the instructors acknowledged he would have a hard time with.  Pray he keeps up the good work.

7. I am addicted to this yogurt.  It is a greek yogurt with fruit or honey on the side.  Some might find it a bit tart.  I've tried the honey, but I prefer the strawberry, and our store doesn't carry the peach kind.  I do a happy dance when I see it on the shelf at the grocery store, and then tell Zach to grab me some because it is to high for me to reach.  This stuff flies off the shelves at our commissary.   
8. I am still very behind on the blogging, and I'm not sure if I will ever catch up.  I need more energy and hours in the day I think.

9. Zach and I think we are going to attempt p90x.  We tried to buy the dvds twice from craigslist, but both times the sale fell through.  We have some friends that said they will copy them for us.  I have heard they kick your ass.  I'm not sure how I feel about this just yet.

10.  Here is a happy Tuesday to you.  I promise I will get some pictures up here this week.


Grandma Rosie said...

Bub will do GREAT at the one on one. He needs to remember how he was when he was a teenager and made an impact on the younger boys in the neighborhood! Many could use his example of where he has gone with his life. Nothing but PROUD here. He will do GREAT!!!

Good luck on the house. If this is the one, you will get it. !!!!

I am sure that all of your followers will understand the slowing down of your blogging. I do!!! Moving is such a stressful and wonderful thing at the same time. You concentrate on that.

Look forward to any blogs you can do.

Love you all so very much and looking forward to the MOVE!


Grandma Rosie

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that you should have Promised #10 but I will stay on you about the pics.


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