Life at 1572: Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are still getting over the sickies here.  Now, Jack is getting a cough so we might be heading to the doctor soon.  I forgot to mention that when Jack is sick he says he has the "flupe."  He tells me, "Mom I think I feel the flupe coming on."  Sometimes he talks like an old man it is pretty funny.  I love his baby misunderstood words.

2. The cats cocoa and Yum Yum went home today.  I was pretty sad, and Zach things that is just crazy.  I'm just too much of an animal lover, and Yum Yum was a great cat.  Poor Diego he's all alone and bored now.  Jack was sad too he asked for them after they left, and kept saying they had to stay here.

3. Zach did well on his last test getting a 97 and only missing a few.  I am proud of him he has been studying very hard.

4.  We have been looking for houses in IL and it has been pretty bleak.  It looks like there isn't much of a market for renters.  My dream for wherever we moved was either a finished basement or a backyard.  Anywhere there might be some winter I need room to entertain Jack and keep my sanity.  I would love some great windows for indoor lighting for photography, but I won't be that picky.  We have thought about maybe buying something, but we aren't sure how permanent things are going to be.  They could choose to move us around, and then we'd have to figure that out.  We will see we will keep praying, and I know everything will work out.

5. I didn't sleep a wink last night.  Not even a teeny tiny bit.  I am dragging right now.  It has put me in a not so great mood all day long.  I need to try to get to bed early tonight, and maybe I could actually get some sleep.

6. Jack is getting so big.  We took him to the lake last night so he could ride his bike aound it.  He made it about a mile total.  He's still a little bit puny from being sick, and it was chilly and windy.

7. Thanks everyone for the comments and well wishes.  The move should be interesting.  We are a pretty lucky military family we have been stationed here in San Diego for 6 years.  It is the first place we were ever sent so we haven't had the moving around experience.  Of course I am really nervous.  I don't like change that much.  Not that I'm not excited too.  It will be interesting to be in a new place.

8. I am excited that my mom is coming out here to spend our last bit of time out here.  I think we are going to cram our days with beach visits and everything fun to do around here.

9. Jack is getting more and more imaginative.  It has been funny with him because it was like a switch went off, and suddenly he had an imagination.  The other night he was telling me his name was future, and pretending to be a race car driver.  Then he was a teach, and he was telling us what to do.  Then he was Ironman flying through the air.

10. I forgot to mention the best part of moving and recruiting is obviously No Deploying.  We will be glad to not have to do that for a while.


heather said...

Im so glad you wont have to worry about deployments either. Davids company has one coming up at the end of the year, but they just take volunteers for it! Of course he told them no! Hes seen enough action I think! I hope we get to see each other a whole lot more now that you will be closer! I cant wait!

Grandma Rosie said...

So glad to hear Bub is doing good. A 97!!!! That is awesome!!! Congrats sweetheart.
The move will be great, just wait and see. You will find something, don't worry.

Glad to hear you will have some help getting things packed. (I know you said fun things but as you know, mom's are great at helping :) )

I am sure that your blogging will get less and less but that is OK as we will have you here in the Midwest and that is OK by us.

Love and miss you all. Good luck Bub on the next test.


Aunt janet said...

We are all pulling for you Zach!!
That's a great start, tests are just the pits.

Make sure Jack knows Daddy has to study for school & when its his turn, he will remember his daddy also had homework.

Good luck

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